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We very much welcome your feedback on our Gazetteer. We are grateful for positive comments, additional information, suggestions and problem reports.


It is possible to add your own comment to any of our entries. This allows you to add additional information or give your views on a particular place, person or family. To do this, you need to become a 'member' and then use the 'Add Comment' option on the golden left-hand menu bar. In addition, it is possible to add general comments on the gazetteer as a whole. All of these comments will be publicly available for everyone to read. You must be a registered member to add comments to entries. Please do not use this route if you have found an error, technical problem or want to suggest an enhancement, you will get a faster response if you contact us directly as described below.


If you have found an error, think we have missed something or somewhere, have a suggestion or have a problem with the system or one of our entries, please use the button below to bring this to our attention.

However, we do receive a very large number of comments, and to ensure we can act on your feedback as effectively as possible, we would ask that you read the following sections before contacting us and then use the feedback button, specified below:

If none of these sections answer your query, please do contact us:

Please note that we cannot supply information on places or people not yet included in the database. We will undoubtedly include the place you are interested in, but please give us time! However, please tell us if you think we have missed something.


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