Scottish History Timeline (18th Century)

Note that, within a single year, events are not necessarily presented in chronological order.

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18th C. Ardencaple House (Argyll and Bute) Built
18th C. Asknish House (Argyll and Bute) Built
18th C. Bolfracks (Perth and Kinross) Built
18th C. Brechin Castle (Angus) Built
18th C. Camserney Longhouse (Perth and Kinross) Built
18th C. Canongate Manse (City of Edinburgh) Built
18th C. Douglas Castle (South Lanarkshire) Built
18th C. Foswell (Perth and Kinross) Built
18th C. Hal o' the Wynd House (Perth and Kinross) Built
18th C. Hawick Museum (Scottish Borders) Built
18th C. Holland House (Orkney) Built
18th C. House of Pitmuies (Angus) Built
18th C. Howford Bridge (East Ayrshire) Opened
18th C. Jane Welsh Carlyle House (East Lothian) Built
18th C. Johnnie Notion's Bod (Shetland) Built
18th C. Kincraig House (Highland) Built
18th C. King's House Hotel (Highland) Built
18th C. Lasswade Bridge (Midlothian) Opened
18th C. Livingston Bridge (West Lothian) Opened
18th C. Loch Bee Causeway (Western Isles) Constructed
18th C. Maggie Wall's Monument (Perth and Kinross) Erected
18th C. McDuff's Monument (Perth and Kinross) Erected
18th C. Newhailes (East Lothian) Created
18th C. Newlands Bridge (Scottish Borders) Opened
18th C. Ramada Hotel (Perth and Kinross) Built
18th C. Royal Scottish Geographical Society (Perth and Kinross) Built
18th C. Stroquhan (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
18th C. Surgeons' Square (City of Edinburgh) Constructed
18th C. The Haa (Shetland) Built
18th C. The Lodberrie (Shetland) Built
18th C. The Port (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
18th C. The Sheep Heid Inn (City of Edinburgh) Built
18th C. The Weaver's Cottage (Renfrewshire) Built
18th C. Wardhouse (Aberdeenshire) Built
c.1700 Cross House (West Lothian) Built
c.1700 George Ross born - Laird and businessman
c.1700 Rev. Thomas Mair born - Minister of the Secession Church in the parish of Orwell, Kinross-shire
c.1700 Sir Archibald Murray of Blackbarony died - Soldier and royal servant
1700 East Elchies House (Moray) Built
1700 General William Maule (1st Earl of Panmure of Forth) born - Soldier and politician
1700 James Ferguson (Lord Pitfour) born - Advocate and judge
1700 James Thomson born - Poet and dramatist
1700 Sir Hugh Dalrymple (Lord Drummore) born - Invented hollow-pipe drainage
1701 Cuddy Bridge (Scottish Borders) Opened
1701 Dalkeith House (Midlothian) Built
1701 James Glen born - American governor
1701 King James VII (King James II of England) died - Unpopular monarch
1701 Lochryan House (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1701 William Kidd (Captain Kidd) died - Infamous pirate and privateer
c.1702 Margaret (Maggie) Dickson (Half Hangit Maggie) born - Notorious Musselburgh fish-wife who came back from the dead
1702 Frances Teresa Stuart (Duchess of Richmond and Lennox; La Belle Stuart) died - The face of Britannia and mistress of King Charles II
1702 Logan House (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1703 Archibald Campbell (1st Duke and 10th Earl of Argyll) died - Enthusiastic supporter of William of Orange and the ousting of King James VII (1633 - 1701), who had re-embraced the 'old religion' and executed his father, the 9th Earl of Argyll
1703 Cousland Smiddy (Midlothian) Built
1703 David Mallet (David Malloch) born - Minor poet
1703 James Douglas-Hamilton (5th Duke of Hamilton) born - Politician
1704 Duncan Forbes of Culloden died - Politician and land-owner
1704 St Fittick's Church (Aberdeen City) Built
1705 Lord Thomas Erskine born - Noble
1705 Mary MacLeod (Mairi nighean Alasdair Ruaidh) died - Influential Gaelic bard
1705 Richard Oswald born - Influential merchant who amassed great wealth from plantations in the West Indies
1705 Sir Norman MacLeod died - Scholar and soldier
1705 William Boyd (4th Earl of Kilmarnock) born - Jacobite
1707 General John Forbes born - Military commander who founded the settlement of Pittsburgh in the USA
1707 George Melville (1st Earl and 4th Lord Melville) died - Royalist statesman and politician
1707 John Dalrymple (1st Earl of Stair) died - Lawyer and Politician
1707 Middleton Hall (West Lothian) Built
1707 Midsteeple (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1707 Morton House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1707 Robert Foulis born - Printer and publisher
1707 Sir George Skene died - Merchant and Provost of Aberdeen
1707 Sir John Foulis died - Lawyer and social historian
1707 Treaty of Union
c.1708 Bowhill (Scottish Borders) Built
1708 Castlegate Well (Aberdeen City) Erected
1708 David Gregory died - Mathematician and astronomer
1708 Hugh Hume-Campbell (3rd Earl of Marchmont) born - Noble and politician
1708 James Abercromby born - Colonialist
1708 Ormiclate Castle (Western Isles) Built
1708 Regent George Skene died - Regent of King's College Aberdeen
1708 Sir Andrew Mitchell born - Diplomat
1708 The Tolbooth (Highland) Opened
1708 Thomas Gillespie born - Clergyman
1709 Dr. Samuel Johnson born - English author, poet, essayist, critic, journalist and lexicographer
1709 John Murray (Marquess of Tullibardine) died - Soldier
1710 Greenock Harbour (Inverclyde) Built
1710 Henry David Erskine (10th Earl of Buchan) born - Noble
1710 James Ferguson born - Engineer, astronomer, lecturer and artist
1710 James Short born - Astronomer and scientific instrument-maker
1710 Prof. William Cullen born - Physiologist
1710 Robert Mylne died - Architect and builder
1710 Sir William Bruce died - Architect and merchant
1710 Thomas Hay (9th Earl of Kinnoull) born - Noble and politician
1710 Thomas Reid born - Philosopher
1710 William Ramsay (5th Earl of Dalhousie) died - Soldier and noble
1710 Yester Parish Church (East Lothian) Built
c.1711 Benholm, Mill of (Aberdeenshire) Opened
1711 David Hume born - Philosopher, historian, agnostic and leading figure of the Scottish Enlightenment
1711 Hugh Miller's Cottage (Highland) Built
1711 James Douglas (2nd Duke of Queensberry) died - 'Union Duke'
1711 Lord John Murray born - Hanoverian general
1712 Andrew Foulis born - Printer and publisher
1712 James Dickson born - Wealthy merchant and agricultural improver
1712 John Campbell of Lundie died - Pioneering banker
1712 John Lyon (2nd Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne) died - Noble
1712 Murdoch Mackenzie born - Surveyor and marine cartographer
1712 Sir Lawrence Dundas born - Merchant, entrepreneur and politician
1713 Alison Cockburn (Alison Rutherford) born - Poetess, songwriter and socialite
1713 Allan Ramsay born - Artist
1713 Gartmorn Dam (Clackmannanshire) Opened
1713 John Hay (2nd Marquess of Tweeddale) died - Politician
1713 John Stuart (3rd Earl of Bute) born - British prime minister
1713 Robert Dundas of Arniston (4th Lord Arniston) born - Judge and politician
1713 Walter Stuart (6th Lord Blantyre) died - Noble, politician and landowner
1714 John Ross died - Provost of Aberdeen
1714 Sir George Mackenzie (Lord Royston; Viscount Tarbat; Earl of Cromartie) died - Lawyer and politician
1715 Battle of Sheriffmuir
1715 Birkhall (Aberdeenshire) Built
1715 Gilbert Burnet (Bishop of Salisbury) died - Churchman and historian
1715 James Douglas (Earl of Drumlanrig) died - Infamous cannibal
1715 John Glassford born - Tobacco Lord
1715 John Lyon (3rd Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne) died - Jacobite noble
1715 Sir John Murray of Broughton born - Advisor and confidant to Bonnie Prince Charlie
1715 Thomas Braidwood born - Pioneer in the education of deaf children
1715 1715 Jacobite Rebellion
1716 Anne Douglas-Hamilton (Duchess of Hamilton) died - Noble
1716 Dugald Buchanan (D'ughall Bochanan) born - Gaelic poet and preacher
1716 George Cleghorn born - Medical pioneer
1716 George Gordon (4th Marquis of Huntly; 1st Duke of Gordon) died - Royalist noble
1716 James Lind born - Naval physician
1716 Mount Stuart (Argyll and Bute) Built
1716 Rev. Robert Traill died - Puritan Minister
1717 John Campbell (1st Earl of Breadalbane) died - Noble and politician
1717 John Goldie born - Author and philosopher
1717 Matthew Stewart born - Mathematician
1717 Rev. John Gray died - Preacher, scholar and linguist
1717 Samuel Garbett born - Industrialist
1718 Dr. John Roebuck born - Inventor and entrepreneur, who was a leader of the Industrial Revolution in Scotland
1718 Martin Martin died - Geographer and Mapmaker
1718 Old Calton Burial Ground (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1718 Robert Sandeman born - Sect leader
1718 William Hunter born - Pioneer in the field of Obstetrics
1719 Adam Skirving born - Song writer
1719 Andrew Meikle born - Agricultural Engineer
1719 Belhaven Brewery (East Lothian) Opened
1719 Cosmo-George Gordon (3rd Duke of Gordon) born - Noble
1719 James Stuart Mackenzie born - Politician
1719 Scalan (Moray) Established
1719 William Paterson died - Merchant and Politician
1719 1719 Jacobite Rebellion
1719 Battle of Glenshiel
1720 Ardwell House (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1720 Clementina Walkinshaw born - Jacobite and mistress of the 'Young Pretender'
1720 General James Grant born - Soldier and colonial governor
1720 George Gordon of Haddo (1st Earl of Aberdeen) died - Statesman and lawyer
1720 Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) born - The "Young Pretender"
1720 St Michael's Well (West Lothian) Erected
1721 Alexander Selkirk died - Seaman and castaway
1721 David Wemyss (Lord Elcho) born - Jacobite
1721 Francis Garden (Lord Gardenstone) born - Judge
1721 General Charles Schaw Cathcart (9th Lord Cathcart) born - Soldier and diplomat
1721 General James Murray born - First Governor of Canada
1721 John Adam born - Architect
1721 Sir David Dalrymple (1st Baronet of Hailes) died - Brother of John Dalrymple (1648 - 1707) and youngest son of James Dalrymple, Viscount Stair (1619-95)
1721 Tobias George Smollett born - Author
1721 William Augustus Hanover (Duke of Cumberland) born - Prince and Field Marshall
1721 William Burnes born - Farmer and father of the poet Robert Burns
1721 William Robertson born - Historian
1722 Alexander Carlyle (Jupiter Carlyle) born - Clergyman
1722 Flora MacDonald born - Reluctant heroine
1722 George Younger born - Brewer
1722 John Adair died - Map-maker and surveyor
1722 John Home born - Soldier, playwright and churchman
1722 Lord Robert Macqueen Braxfield born - Lawyer and 'hanging judge'
1722 Major John Pitcairn born - Royal Marine officer, who fought in the American War of Independence
1722 Rev. John Brown born - Preacher and author
1722 Rev. William Veitch died - Covenanter
1722 Sir George Warrender of Lochend (1st Baronet Lochend) died - Merchant, politician and landowner
1722 Sir John Lauder (Lord Fountainhall) died - Judge and author of a noted journal
1722 Sir Robert Sibbald died - Physician, geographer and natural historian
1722 Whittingehame Parish Church (East Lothian) Built
1723 Adam Ferguson born - Sociologist, philosopher and historian
1723 Adam Smith born - Economist and philosopher
1723 Field Marshal John Campbell (5th Duke of Argyll) born - Soldier and politician
1723 Francis Charteris born - Noble
1723 Gavin Hamilton born - Painter
1723 James Livingston (4th Earl of Callendar, 5th Earl of Linlithgow) died - Jacobite
1723 James Maule (4th Earl of Panmure) died - Jacobite soldier
1723 Mavisbank House (Midlothian) Built
1723 Rev. John Witherspoon born - Clergyman born in Gifford, East Lothian
1723 Sir Archibald Primrose (1st Earl of Rosebery) died - Lawyer and Politician
1723 Sir William Chambers born - Architect
c.1724 Langholm Castle (Dumfries and Galloway) Abandoned
1724 Back Walk (Stirling) Opened
1724 Gardie House (Shetland) Built
1724 Gilmerton Cove (City of Edinburgh) Built
1724 John Murray (1st Duke of Atholl) died - Noble
1724 John Smeaton born - An English engineer of Scottish descent, born at Austhorpe near Leeds, Smeaton has been dubbed the father of civil engineering
1724 Leveller's Revolt
1724 Ruthven Barracks (Highland) Built
1724 Sir Patrick Hume (Patrick Home of Polwarth, 1st Earl of Marchmont) died - Statesman and Covenanter
1724 William Douglas (4th Duke of Queensberry; 3rd Earl of March) born - Philanderer
1725 Andrew Buchanan born - Tobacco merchant
1725 Dalmahoy House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1725 Floors Castle (Scottish Borders) Built
1725 John Gow died - Mutineer and pirate
1725 Mellerstain (Scottish Borders) Built
1725 Prof. John Hope born - Botanist
c.1726 Lord Adam Gordon born - General
1726 Arniston House (Midlothian) Built
1726 Balnain House (Highland) Built
1726 General Hugh Mercer born - Military commander and hero of the American Revolutionary War
1726 General Sir Hector Munro born - Military commander and politician
1726 Hundy Mundy (Scottish Borders) Erected
1726 James Gillespie born - Snuff manufacturer and philanthropist
1726 James Hutton born - Father of modern geology, born in Edinburgh
1726 John Anderson born - Scientist
1726 Major General William Roy born - Surveyor and cartographer
1726 Robert Dundas of Arniston (2nd Lord Arniston) died - Politician and lawyer
1726 Sir David Dalrymple (3rd Baronet Hailes; Lord Hailes) born - Lawyer, judge and historian
1726 Sir John Vanbrugh died - Architect and playwright
1727 Calda House (Highland) Built
1727 Colonel Donald Murchison died - Loyal factor and Jacobite commander
1727 James Lockhart-Wishart (Count Lockhart-Wishart of Lee and Carnwath) born - Soldier
1727 Jean Elliot born - Song writer
1727 Lady Elizabeth Wardlaw (Elizabeth Halkett) died - Poetess
1727 Neil Gow (Niel Gow) born - Musician and composer
1728 Alexander Gordon (2nd Duke of Gordon) died - Jacobite
1728 Auchtermuchty Town House (Fife) Built
1728 Charles Lyon (4th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne) died - Noble
1728 John Clerk of Eldin born - Politician, artist and author
1728 John Hunter born - Pioneer of surgery and dentistry
1728 Prof. Joseph Black born - Chemist
1728 Robert Adam born - Architect
1728 Sir James Dick died - Politician and wealthy merchant
1729 James Duff (2nd Earl of Fife) born - Politician
1729 John Law died - Financier and gambler
1729 John Murray (3rd Duke of Atholl) born - Politician and soldier
1729 Sir William Pulteney (William Johnstone) born - Wealthy lawyer, politician and landowner
c.1730 Broughton House (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
c.1730 George Ramsay (8th Earl of Dalhousie) born - Noble and mason
1730 House of Dun (Angus) Built
1730 Iain Dubh MacCrimmon born - The last of the hereditary pipers to MacLeod of Dunvegan
1730 James Bruce born - Early Explorer
1730 James Small born - Inventor
1730 Lord William Campbell born - Statesman, who was the last British Governor of South Carolina
1730 Peter Williamson (Indian Peter) born - Reformer
1730 Rev. Prof. John Walker born - Naturalist, lecturer and clergyman
1731 Admiral Adam Duncan (1st Viscount Camperdown) born - Naval commander
1731 Cumbernauld House (North Lanarkshire) Built
1731 Daniel Defoe died - Author, journalist and social thinker
1731 Garvamore Bridge (Highland) Opened
1731 James Smith died - Architect and politician
1731 Patrick Miller of Dalswinton born - Entrepreneur, banker and early patron of Robert Burns (1759-96)
1731 Robert Gordon died - Merchant, born in Aberdeen
1731 William Aikman died - Painter
1731 William Aiton born - Botanist
c.1732 Robert Balmanno born - Merchant, farmer and Burgess of Aberdeen
1732 Agnes Broun born - Mother of Robert Burns (1759-96)
1732 Anne Scott (Duchess of Buccleuch) died - Wealthy noble
1732 Colonel Francis Charteris died - Infamous gambler, adulterer and duellist
1732 George Dempster of Dunnichen (Honest George) born - Politician and reformer
1732 Haddo House (Aberdeenshire) Built
1732 Hilton House (Perth and Kinross) Built
1732 James Adam born - Architect
1732 John Broadwood born - Piano manufacturer
1732 John Erskine (6th Earl of Mar, Bobbing John) died - A Scottish Jacobite born at Alloa who frequently changed his political allegiance, earning the nickname 'Bobbing John'
1732 John McNabb born - Ship-owner and philanthropist
1732 John Murray (4th Earl of Dunmore) born - Colonial governor
1732 Old High Kirk (East Ayrshire) Built
1732 Thomas Boston died - Theologist
1733 Alexander Monro (Secundus) born - Anatomist
1733 Archerfield House (East Lothian) Built
1733 Establishment of the Secession Church
1733 James Ramsay born - Naval surgeon and abolitionist
1733 Robert Mylne born - Architect
1733 Whalsay Parish Church (Shetland) Built
1734 Chatelherault Hunting Lodge (South Lanarkshire) Built
1734 Clan Gunn Heritage Centre and Museum (Highland) Built
1734 Francis Macnab (The Macnab; 16th Chief of the Clan Macnab) born - Clan chief, landowner and eccentric
1734 Hermits and Termits (City of Edinburgh) Built
1734 Rob Roy's Grave (Stirling) Erected
1734 Robert (Rob Roy) MacGregor died - Notorious cattle thief and Jacobite Guerilla
1734 Sir Ralph Abercromby born - General
1734 Springkell House (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1734 The Drum (City of Edinburgh) Built
1734 William Mylne born - Architect
1735 Charles Cowan born - Merchant who gave rise to a paper-making dynasty
1735 Duff House (Aberdeenshire) Built
1735 James Tassie born - Glass and gemstone engraver
1735 John Arbuthnot died - Physician and satirist
1735 Sir Samuel Greig born - Born in Inverkeithing (Fife), Greig served in the British Navy
1735 The Wauchope Mausoleum (City of Edinburgh) Erected
1735 Thomas Coutts born - Banker
1736 Alexander Runciman born - Painter
1736 Freemason's Hall (City of Edinburgh) Established
1736 James Watt born - Inventor and engineer
1736 John Elphinstone (4th Lord Balmerino; 3rd Lord Coupar) died - Lawyer and politician
1737 Alexander Dalrymple born - Hydrographer
1737 John Hunter born - Governor of New South Wales (Australia) between 1795 and 1800
1737 John Lyon (9th Earl of Strathmore; John Bowes-Lyon) born - Noble
1737 John Murray (John McMurray) born - Publisher
1737 William Forsyth born - Horticulturist
1738 Elspat Buchan (Elsbeth or Elizabeth Buchan) born - Sect leader
1738 James Dickson born - Plant collector
1738 Paisley Arts Centre (Renfrewshire) Built
1738 William Cochran born - Artist
1739 David Dale born - Mill-owner and philanthropist
1739 Dr. James Anderson born - Inventor, agricultural economist and author
1739 Hugh Montgomerie of Coilsfield (12th Earl of Eglinton) born - Politician and soldier
1739 James Craig born - Architect
1739 Prof. Alexander Hamilton born - Obstetric surgeon and medical lecturer
1739 Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo born - Banker and philanthropist
c.1740 Sylvan House (City of Edinburgh) Built
c.1740 The Scottish Enlightenment
1740 Alexander Hume-Campbell (Sir Alexander Campbell, 2nd Earl of Marchmont) died - Statesman and lawyer
1740 Galloway House Gardens (Dumfries and Galloway) Created
1740 Jacob More born - Painter
1740 James Boswell born - Biographer and traveller
1740 John Ker (1st Duke of Roxburghe) died - Politician and noble
1740 Lauderdale House (East Lothian) Built
1740 Old Bridge of Dee (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1740 Rubislaw Quarry (Aberdeen City) Opened
1740 Sir Robert Abercromby born - Soldier
1740 Sir Robert Preston born - Merchant and philanthropist
1740 The Meadows (City of Edinburgh) Created
1740 William Fullerton Elphinstone born - Chairman of the East India Company
1740 William Mackenzie (5th Earl of Seaforth; Black William, Uilleam Dubh) died - Jacobite
1740 William Smellie born - Printer and natural historian
1741 Alexander Adam born - Antiquary, author and educator
1741 Daniel Stewart born - Philanthropist
1741 Francis Masson born - Botanist and gardener
1741 Prof. George Skene born - Physician
1741 Robert Blair (Lord Avontoun) born - Jurist
1741 Sciennes Hill House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1741 Sir James Hunter Blair born - Politician and banker
1741 Sir Thomas Dundas of Kerse (1st Baron Dundas) born - Politician, merchant and naval officer
1741 Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum and Arts Centre (Western Isles) Built
1741 William Brodie (Deacon Brodie) born - Ingenious burglar
1742 Alexander Milne born - Entrepreneur
1742 Anne Hunter (Anne Home) born - Minor poet and socialite
1742 Charles Hope (1st Earl of Hopetoun) died - Politician and noble
1742 David Steuart Erskine (11th Earl of Buchan, Lord Cardross) born - Noble and antiquarian
1742 Galloway House (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1742 Henry Dundas (1st Viscount Melville) born - 'The Uncrowned King of Scotland'
1742 John Kay born - Artist and social commentator
1742 Robert Cullen (Lord Cullen) born - Lawyer
1742 Thomas Edington born - Industrialist
1742 Town House (East Lothian) Built
1743 Alexander Gordon (4th Duke of Gordon) born - Noble and song-writer
1743 Field Marshal John Campbell (2nd Duke of Argyll; Duke of Greenwich) died - Soldier and politician
1743 George Fergusson (Lord Hermand) born - Judge
1743 James Douglas-Hamilton (5th Duke of Hamilton) died - Politician
1743 Sir William Forbes (William Forbes of Callendar) born - 'Copperbottom Forbes'
1743 Sir William Macleod Bannatyne (Lord Bannatyne) born - Jurist, judge and author
1743 Susan Carnegie (Susan Scott) born - Campaigner, benefactor and lady of letters
1744 Charles Maitland (6th Earl of Lauderdale) died - Politician and noble
1744 David Allan born - Artist and portrait painter
1744 Dr. Andrew Duncan born - Medical reformer
1744 General Nisbet Balfour born - Soldier and politician
1744 Inveraray Castle (Argyll and Bute) Built
1744 James McGill born - Fur trader
1744 John Runciman born - Painter
1744 John Stuart (1st Marquess and 4th Earl of Bute) born - Noble
1744 Patrick Ferguson born - Inventor and soldier
1744 Sarah Murray (Sarah Maze, Sarah Aust) born - English traveller
c.1745 Daldowie Doocot (Glasgow City) Built
c.1745 William Skirving born - Political reformer
1745 Battle of Prestonpans
1745 Colonel James Gardiner died - Soldier
1745 John Ainslie born - Surveyor and cartographer
1745 Maurice Margarot born - One of the so-called 'Scottish Martyrs'
1745 Sir William Douglas born - Industrialist and landowner
1745 William Jessop born - Engineer
1745 1745 Jacobite Rebellion
1746 Admiral George Keith Elphinstone (Admiral Lord Keith; 1st Viscount Keith) born - Naval commander
1746 Archibald Fletcher born - Campaigner, libertarian and father of burgh reform
1746 Arthur Elphinstone (6th Lord Balmerino) died - Jacobite
1746 Battle of Culloden
1746 Colin Maclaurin died - Mathematician
1746 David Smythe (Lord Methven) born - Judge
1746 Gairnshiel Lodge (Aberdeenshire) Built
1746 Hector MacNeill born - Poet
1746 Henry Erskine born - Lord Advocate and politician
1746 Lady Grisel Baillie died - Song-writer and heroine
1746 Michael Bruce born - Poet and author of Gospel Sonnets or paraphrases
1746 Prof. William Traill born - Mathematician
1746 Robert Blair died - Poet and clergyman
1746 William Boyd (4th Earl of Kilmarnock) died - Jacobite
1746 William Gordon (2nd Earl of Aberdeen) died - Politician
1746 William Murray (Marquess of Tullibardine) died - Jacobite soldier
1746 Rout of Moy
c.1747 James Tytler born - Author, eccentric and radical
1747 Duncan Forbes of Culloden died - Statesman and jurist
1747 James Clark born - Thread manufacturer
1747 John Paul Jones born - Naval pioneer
1747 Learney House (Aberdeenshire) Built
1747 Simon Fraser (12th Lord Lovat) died - Clan chief of wavering loyalty, described as 'the most devious man in Scotland'
1747 Thomas Fyshe Palmer born - One of the so-called 'Scottish Martyrs'
1747 Touch House (Stirling) Built
1748 Fort George (Highland) Built
1748 General George Wade died - British soldier, who was born in Ireland and employed after the Jacobite rebellion of 1715 to construct a system of metalled military roads and associated stone bridges throughout the Scottish Highlands
1748 Hartfell Spa (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1748 Island House (Argyll and Bute) Built
1748 James Thomson died - Poet and dramatist
1748 John Playfair born - Geologist, physicist and mathematician
1748 Robert Blair born - Inventor and astronomer
1748 Southerness Lighthouse (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1748 Thomas Graham (1st Baron Lynedoch of Balgowan) born - Military commander and politician
1748 William Adam died - Architect, particularly noted for his design of country houses
1748 William Marshall born - Composer and fiddle-player
c.1749 Jane Gordon (Jane Maxwell, Duchess of Gordon) born - Leading figure of Georgian Society, noted for entertaining on a grand scale
1749 Alexander Robertson of Struan (13th Chief of Clan Donnachaidh) died - Ardent Jacobite, who was uniquely present from the beginning to the end of that historical episode
1749 Archibald Skirving born - Artist
1749 Charles Shirreff born - Artist
1749 Dr. Benjamin Bell born - Surgeon
1749 Francis Charteris born - Noble
1749 George Seton (5th Earl of Winton) died - Jacobite
1749 Marchmont Doocot (Scottish Borders) Built
1749 Pear Tree House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1749 Prof. Daniel Rutherford born - Scientist
1749 Prof. Patrick Copland born - Academic
1749 William Ged died - Inventor, printer and goldsmith
c.1750 Bush House (Midlothian) Built
c.1750 Cruck Cottage (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
c.1750 Old Bridge of Tarff (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
c.1750 Old Haa (Shetland) Built
c.1750 The Lang Stane (Aberdeen City) Erected
1750 John Fraser born - Plant hunter
1750 King James VI Hospital (Perth and Kinross) Built
1750 Raasay House (Highland) Built
1750 Robert Fergusson born - Poet and song-writer
1750 Sir William Fettes born - Merchant and philanthropist
1750 The Highland Clearances
1751 Dr. Alexander Gray born - Surgeon
1751 Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound (1st Earl of Minto) born - Politician and statesman
1751 Sir James Donaldson born - Publisher and philanthropist
1751 The Flag Tower (Midlothian) Built
1751 William Adam born - Lawyer and politician
1751 William Roxburgh born - Botanist, who significantly advanced the study of Indian flora
c.1752 Lord George Gordon born - Infamous politician
1752 Cosmo-George Gordon (3rd Duke of Gordon) died - Noble
1752 James Aitken (John the Painter) born - Terrorist, who tried to destroy the British naval dockyards
1752 John Campbell (2nd Earl of Breadalbane) died - Eccentric noble and politician, known as Old Rag
1752 Pollok House (Glasgow City) Built
1752 Robert Burn born - Architect
1752 Thomas Smith born - Engineer
c.1753 Gunsgreen House (Scottish Borders) Built
1753 Bonawe Iron Furnace (Argyll and Bute) Built
1753 Charlotte Stuart (Duchess of Albany) born - Only acknowledged daughter of Bonnie Prince Charlie
1753 Dalguise House (Perth and Kinross) Built
1753 Daniel Campbell of Shawfield (Great Daniel) died - Merchant, politician and landowner
1753 Drummore House (East Lothian) Built
1753 Dugald Stewart born - Philosopher
1753 James Taylor born - Engineer
1753 Moorheads Hospital (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1753 Prof. James Gregory born - Professor of Medicine
1753 Rev. Dr. Andrew Bell born - Educationalist
1753 Robert Dundas of Arniston (3rd Lord Arniston) died - Lawyer and politician
1753 Sir Hugh Dalrymple (Lord Drummore) died - Invented hollow-pipe drainage
c.1754 Archibald Campbell-Colquhoun born - Politician and lawyer
1754 Archibald Menzies born - Plant hunter
1754 Daniel Lizars born - Copper-plate engraver and printer
1754 Ebenezer Erskine died - Evangelical divine and founder of the Secession Church of Scotland
1754 James Gibbs died - Influential architect
1754 John Graham born - Painter
1754 Lord Lewis Gordon died - Jacobite
1754 Marchmont House (Scottish Borders) Built
1754 Royal and Ancient Golf Club (Fife) Opened
1754 Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster born - Politician, lawyer and agricultural reformer
1754 The Well of the Lecht (Moray) Erected
1754 William Murdock (William Murdoch) born - Engineer and inventor of gas lighting
1755 General Sir William Schaw Cathcart (1st Earl of Cathcart) born - Soldier and diplomat
1755 James Playfair born - Architect
1755 Lieut-Colonel William Patterson (William Paterson) born - Explorer and Lieutenant Governor of New South Wales
1755 Sir Hew Dalrymple (Lord Drummore) died - Judge
1755 Sir John Clerk (Sir John Clerk of Penicuik) died - Politician, advocate, patron of the arts, antiquarian, author and arbiter of taste
c.1756 Buccleuch Parish Church (City of Edinburgh) Built
c.1756 Redhall Walled Garden (City of Edinburgh) Created
1756 Dysart House (Fife) Built
1756 James Wemyss (5th Earl of Wemyss) died - Noble
1756 James West born - Mathematician and clergyman
1756 John Loudon MacAdam (John Loudon McAdam) born - Surveyor and builder of roads
1756 Redhall Doocot (City of Edinburgh) Built
1756 Sir Henry Raeburn born - Portrait painter
1757 Admiral Sir Andrew Mitchell born - Naval commander
1757 General Sir David Baird born - Soldier
1757 Little Cumbrae Old Lighthouse (North Ayrshire) Built
1757 Meikle Dramlach Bridge (Moray) Opened
1757 Prof. James Mylne born - Philosopher and reformer
1757 Robert Keith died - Churchman, historian and Jacobite
1757 St Andrew's in the Square (Glasgow City) Built
1757 Thomas Telford born - Civil engineer
1758 Agnes Maclehose (Clarinda) born - The Clarinda with whom Robert Burns (1759-96) famously corresponded
1758 Alexander Nasmyth born - Painter and architect
1758 Allan Ramsay died - Poet and bookseller
1758 Charles Darwin born - Unfortunate medical student
1758 Dr. John Barclay born - Anatomist
1758 Gavin Turnbull born - Minor poet
1758 George Granville Leveson-Gower (1st Duke of Sutherland) born - Wealthy noble who gained a reputation as an infamous reformer
1758 James Francis Edward Keith died - Field Marshal of Prussia
1758 Ossian's Hall (Perth and Kinross) Erected
1758 Paxton House (Scottish Borders) Built
1758 Prof. Henry Cullen born - Physician
1758 Redhall House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1758 Robert Dundas of Arniston (5th Lord Arniston) born - Judge and politician
1758 Thomas Blaikie born - Garden designer, who became known as the Capability Brown of France
1759 Andrew Buchanan died - Tobacco merchant who became Lord Provost of Glasgow
1759 General John Forbes died - Military commander who founded the settlement of Pittsburgh in the USA
1759 James Maitland (8th Earl of Lauderdale) born - Politician and economist
1759 John Wilson born - Printer and publisher
1759 Ramsay's Monument (Midlothian) Erected
1759 Rev. John Jamieson born - Lexicographer
1759 Robert Burns born - Poet and writer
1759 Sir James Fergusson of Kilkerran (Lord Kilkerran) died - Jurist
1759 Vincenzo Lunardi born - Ballooning pioneer
c.1760 Ochtertyre (Stirling) Built
1760 Andrew McDouall (Lord Bankton) died - Jurist
1760 Ballochmyle House (East Ayrshire) Built
1760 Bridge of Dochart (Stirling) Opened
1760 Colin Macaulay born - Soldier and abolitionist
1760 Finlaystone House (Inverclyde) Built
1760 Gilbert Burns born - Younger brother of poet Robert Burns (1759-96)
1760 Lord George Murray died - Distinguished Jacobite general and strategist
1761 Archibald Campbell (3rd Duke of Argyll; 1st Earl of Islay; Lord Illay) died - Politician, lawyer and soldier
1761 Edinburgh City Chambers (City of Edinburgh) Built
1761 General Sir John Moore born - Soldier
1761 Glasshaugh Windmill (Aberdeenshire) Built
1761 John Rennie born - Engineer, born in Phantassie, East Lothian
1761 Lachlan Macquarie born - Soldier, civil servant and Father of Australia
1761 Matthew Baillie born - Anatomist and physician extraordinary to King George III
1761 Moffat House Hotel (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1761 Orchardton House (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1761 Rev. Lord George Murray born - Developed the shutter telegraph
1761 Sir James Hall born - Geologist and politician
1761 The Pineapple (Falkirk) Erected
c.1762 Sandbed Street Bridge (East Ayrshire) Opened
1762 Felix Yaniewicz (Feliks Janiewicz) born - Polish-Lithuanian composer and musician
1762 Francis Hamilton Buchanan born - Explorer and naturalist
1762 Jamaica Street (Glasgow City) Constructed
1762 Joanna Baillie born - Poet and dramatist
1762 John Campbell (4th Earl and 1st Marquis of Breadalbane) born - Noble and soldier
1762 John Philp Wood (Honest John Wood) born - Antiquary and biographer
1762 King George IV born - The first British monarch to visit Scotland since the Treaty of Union in 1707
1762 Thomas Watling born - Artist, illustrator and forger
1763 Admiral Sir David Milne born - Naval commander
1763 Cally Palace Hotel (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1763 Charles Erskine (Lord Tinwald) died - Jurist and politician
1763 Charles Hope (Lord Granton) born - Jurist and politician
1763 Duddingston House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1763 Dugald Buchanan (D'ughall Bochanan) died - Gaelic poet and preacher
1763 Gayfield House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1763 Greenbank Gardens (East Renfrewshire) Created
1763 Greenbank House (East Renfrewshire) Built
1763 James Thomson born - Minor poet
1763 Joseph Gerrald born - One of the so-called 'Scottish Martyrs'
1763 St Cecilia's Hall (City of Edinburgh) Built
1763 The Mound (City of Edinburgh) Constructed
1763 William Duff (1st Earl of Fife) died - Politician
1763 William Maclure born - Father of American geology and educationalist
1763 William Symington born - Engineer
1764 Alexander Campbell born - Composer, musician, poet and author
1764 Chisholm House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1764 George Don born - Horticulturist and plant collector
1764 Howden Bridge (West Lothian) Opened
1764 James Murray (2nd Duke of Atholl) died - Noble, soldier and politician
1764 Oswald Hall (South Ayrshire) Built
1764 Robert Haldane born - Evangelist and writer
1764 Sir Alexander Mackenzie born - Explorer
1764 Sir James Shaw born - Lord Major of London and real-life Dick Whittington
1764 Sir John Gladstone born - Merchant and politician
1764 Yair Bridge (Scottish Borders) Opened
c.1765 Hailes House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1765 Alexander Baird born - Farmer and entrepreneur
1765 Bighouse (Highland) Demolished
1765 Carlingwark Lane Canal (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1765 Cross Keys Hotel (Scottish Borders) Built
1765 David Mallet (David Malloch) died - Minor poet
1765 Dr. James Crichton born - Physician and philanthropist
1765 Dumbarton Bridge (West Dunbartonshire) Opened
1765 Elizabeth Leveson-Gower (Countess of Sutherland) born - Countess, artist and reformer
1765 Forse House (Highland) Built
1765 Sir James Ivory born - Mathematician
1765 Sir John Hope (4th Earl of Hopetoun) born - Soldier
1765 Thomas Muir born - Radical reformer
1765 William Augustus Hanover (Duke of Cumberland) died - Prince and Field Marshall
1766 Alexander Wilson born - Father of American ornithology
1766 Andrew Fletcher (Lord Milton) died - Jurist
1766 Charles Baird born - Engineer, who build Russia's first steamship
1766 Charles Macintosh born - Industrial chemist and entrepreneur
1766 George Drummond died - Politician and visionary planner
1766 George Square (City of Edinburgh) Constructed
1766 James Francis Edward Stuart (The Old Pretender) died - Jacobite leader
1766 James Sandy born - Inventor of the invisible hinge
1766 Lady Carolina Nairne (Carolina Oliphant) born - Lyricist, song-writer and poet
1766 Lord Thomas Erskine died - Noble
1766 Masonic Hall (Midlothian) Built
1766 Princes Street (City of Edinburgh) Constructed
1766 Princes Street Gardens (City of Edinburgh) Created
1766 Prof. Sir John Leslie born - Physicist and inventor
1766 Prof. Thomas Charles Hope born - Chemist
1766 Rev. William Brown born - Clergyman and author
1766 Thomas Bruce (7th Earl of Elgin; 11th Earl of Kincardine) born - Diplomat
1767 Admiral Sir George Johnstone Hope born - Naval commander
1767 Alexander Monro (Primus) died - Anatomist
1767 Charles Lyell born - Botanist and translator of Dante
1767 Coldstream Bridge (Scottish Borders) Opened
1767 George Street (City of Edinburgh) Constructed
1767 George Watson born - Portrait painter
1767 Henry Bell born - Engineer
1767 Henry David Erskine (10th Earl of Buchan) died - Noble
1767 Major William Caulfeild died - British army officer who succeeded General George Wade (1673 - 1748) as HM Inspector of Roads for Scotland in 1732
1767 Merton Hall (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1767 Michael Bruce died - Poet and author of Gospel Sonnets or paraphrases
1767 Prof. James Hamilton born - Obstetrician and medical lecturer
1767 Robert Ferguson of Raith born - Politician and mineral collector
1767 William Baxter born - Textile manufacturer
1768 Bedford Place Tunnel (Clackmannanshire) Built
1768 Charles Tennant born - Industrial chemist
1768 David Hamilton born - Architect
1768 Encyclopaedia Britannica published
1768 George Mealmaker born - Radical reformer, referred to as the 'forgotten martyr'
1768 George William Campbell (6th Duke of Argyll) born - Noble and politician
1768 James Alexander Haldane born - Evangelist
1768 James Short died - Astronomer and scientific instrument-maker
1768 James Thomson born - Editor and clergyman
1768 Joan (Jackie) Crookston born - Famously died resisted the Militia Act of 1797
1768 John Runciman died - Painter
1768 Mar Street / Drysdale Street Tunnel (Clackmannanshire) Opened
1768 Rev. Thomas Mair died - Minister of the Secession Church in the parish of Orwell, Kinross-shire
1768 Robert Simson died - Mathematician
1768 St Andrew Square (City of Edinburgh) Constructed
1768 William Wallace born - Mathematician and inventor
1768 Zachary Macaulay born - Abolitionist
1769 Ebenezer Picken born - The Poet of Paisley
1769 Fort George (Highland) Opened
1769 Gordon Castle (Moray) Built
1769 Hall of Clestrain (Orkney) Built
1769 James Bell born - Geographer
1769 James Dun's House (Aberdeen City) Built
1769 Kilarrow Parish Church (Argyll and Bute) Built
1769 Major General Sir Archibald Campbell born - Heroic soldier and Governor of New Brunswick
1769 Mortonhall House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1769 Penicuik House (Midlothian) Built
1769 Queen Street (City of Edinburgh) Constructed
1769 Rev. Alexander John Forsyth born - Inventor of the percussion cap
1769 Sir William Rae born - Lord Advocate and politician
1769 Whitefoord House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1769 William Daniell born - Landscape artist and noted aquatint engraver
c.1770 Howden House (West Lothian) Built
c.1770 Kinnaird House (Perth and Kinross) Built
c.1770 Melville House Doocot (Fife) Built
1770 Almond Valley Heritage Centre (West Lothian) Opened
1770 Ardstinchar Bridge (South Ayrshire) Opened
1770 Broich (Perth and Kinross) Built
1770 Cameron House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1770 Eliza Fletcher (Eliza Dawson) born - Minor author
1770 George Abercromby (2nd Lord Abercromby of Aboukir and Tullibody) born - Lawyer and politician
1770 George Gordon (5th Duke of Gordon) born - Noble and general, who raised the Gordon Highlanders
1770 George Ramsay (9th Earl of Dalhousie) born - Soldier and statesman
1770 Hugh Baird born - Civil engineer
1770 James Hogg (The Ettrick Shepherd) born - Author, songwriter and poet
1770 James Paterson born - Inventor
1770 James Stirling died - Mathematician and surveyor
1770 Mackenzie Meridian (Angus) Erected
1770 Old Tolbooth (Shetland) Built
1770 Robert Dinwiddie died - Colonial Governor
1770 St Andrew Square Garden (City of Edinburgh) Created
1770 Union Bridge (Moray) Opened
1770 William Nicol born - Mineralogist and physicist
1770 William Wordsworth born - Romantic Poet
c.1771 Barnbarroch (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
c.1771 Richard Crichton born - Architect
1771 Alexander Douglas born - Minor poet
1771 Colinton Parish Church (City of Edinburgh) Built
1771 Dorothy Wordsworth born - Poet and diarist
1771 Francis Charteris-Wemyss-Douglas (6th Earl of Wemyss; 4th Earl of March) born - Noble
1771 James Dickson died - Wealthy merchant and agricultural improver
1771 James Montgomery born - Poet
1771 Mungo Park born - Explorer
1771 Register House (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1771 Robert Owen born - Social reformer and entrepreneur
1771 Robert Sandeman died - Sect leader
1771 Robert Saunders Dundas (2nd Viscount Melville) born - Politician, lawyer and First Lord of the Admiralty
1771 Sir Andrew Mitchell died - Diplomat
1771 Sir James McGrigor born - Military surgeon, credited with laying the foundations of the Royal Army Medical Corps
1771 Sir Thomas Hope of Rankeillor died - Agriculturalist
1771 Sir Walter Scott born - Prodigious writer, patriot and enthusiast for all things Scottish
1771 Sydney Smith born - Clergyman, writer, wit and co-founder of the Edinburgh Review
1771 Thomas Douglas (5th Earl of Selkirk) born - Philanthropist and coloniser
1771 Tobias George Smollett died - Author
1771 William Maule of Panmure (1st Baron Panmure of Brechin and Navar) born - Laird
c.1772 Hay Lodge Hospital (Scottish Borders) Built
1772 Allan Glen born - Philanthropist
1772 Cromarty House (Highland) Built
1772 David Mushet born - Industrialist and metallurgist
1772 Dundas House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1772 General Sir George Murray born - Soldier, statesman and politician
1772 James Ballantyne born - Printer and Publisher
1772 James Finlayson born - Industrialist
1772 John Baildon born - Iron-founder
1772 North Bridge (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1772 Robert Stevenson born - Engineer
1772 Sir James Erskine of Torrie born - Soldier, amateur artist and collector
1772 Sir John Abercromby born - General
1772 Troup House School (Aberdeenshire) Built
1772 William Stirling born - Architect and builder
1773 Alexander Monro (Tertius) born - Anatomist
1773 Caldwell House (East Renfrewshire) Built
1773 Captain Simon Fraser born - Fiddler, collector and composer of folk tunes
1773 Cromarty Courthouse Museum (Highland) Built
1773 Francis Jeffrey (Lord Jeffrey) born - Lawyer, critic and co-founder of the Edinburgh Review
1773 Friars' Carse Hotel (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1773 Friendville (Aberdeen City) Built
1773 George Buchanan died - Wealthy Glasgow merchant
1773 James Mill born - Philosopher, historian and economist, who was a founder of University College London
1773 John Glass died - Sect leader
1773 John MacCulloch born - Geologist
1773 Letterfourie House (Moray) Built
1773 Lieut-General Sir Ronald Crauford Ferguson born - Soldier, politician and landowner
1773 Robert Brown born - Botanist, who gave the name 'nucleus' to the structure which controls cells
1773 Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane born - Soldier and astronomer
1773 Thomas Thomson born - Scientist
1774 Archibald Constable born - Publisher
1774 East Kilbride Old Parish Church (South Lanarkshire) Built
1774 Inveresk Gate (East Lothian) Built
1774 Inverleith House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1774 John Ballantyne born - Printer and publisher, born in Kelso
1774 John Murray (3rd Duke of Atholl) died - Politician and soldier
1774 John Wilson (Old Jock) born - Marine artist
1774 Prof. Robert Jameson born - Geologist and naturalist
1774 Rev. Dr. Henry Duncan born - Father of the Savings Banks
1774 Rev. Thomas Dick born - Author, clergyman, philosopher and astronomer
1774 Robert Fergusson died - Poet and song-writer
1774 Robert Reid born - King's architect and surveyor in Scotland
1774 Robert Tannahill born - Poet, flautist and song-writer
1774 Robert Thom born - Engineer
1774 Rossdhu House (Argyll and Bute) Built
1774 Saddell House (Argyll and Bute) Built
1774 Sir Charles Bell born - Anatomist and surgeon
1774 Sir John Peter Grant born - Politician and colonial judge
1774 Smollett Monument (West Dunbartonshire) Erected
1774 St Patrick's Church (City of Edinburgh) Built
1774 The Harelaw Limestone Quarry (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1774 Thomas Gillespie died - Clergyman
1774 William Farquhar born - Founder and first colonial administrator of Singapore
c.1775 Sophia Inglis Memorial (Midlothian) Erected
1775 Alexander Cowan born - Paper-maker and philanthropist
1775 Alexander James Adie born - Optician, instrument manufacturer and meteorologist
1775 Alexander Murray born - Classical scholar and linguist
1775 Andrew Foulis died - Printer and publisher
1775 George Kinloch born - Politician and reformer
1775 James Abercromby died - Colonialist
1775 Joseph Mallord William Turner (J.M.W. Turner) born - English landscape artist
1775 Lower North Water Bridge (Angus) Opened
1775 Major John Pitcairn died - Royal Marine officer, who fought in the American War of Independence
1775 Thomas Cochrane (10th Earl of Dundonald) born - Naval commander
1775 Tobacco Merchant's House (Glasgow City) Built
1775 Wedderburn Castle (Scottish Borders) Built
c.1776 The Temple (Renfrewshire) Built
1776 Captain Sir Samuel Brown born - Civil engineer and naval commander
1776 City Observatory (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1776 David Hume died - Philosopher, historian, agnostic and leading figure of the Scottish Enlightenment
1776 Dr. Patrick Neill born - Naturalist and author, who became a central figure of the later Scottish Enlightenment
1776 Drumlanrig Bridge (Scottish Borders) Opened
1776 General Charles Schaw Cathcart (9th Lord Cathcart) died - Soldier and diplomat
1776 James Carmichael born - Engineer and industrialist
1776 James Duff (4th Earl of Fife) born - Soldier
1776 James Ferguson died - Engineer, astronomer, lecturer and artist
1776 James Gillespie Graham born - Architect
1776 James Jardine born - Civil Engineer
1776 James Niven born - Plant-hunter
1776 John Gibb born - Civil engineer and building contractor, best remembered for his work on harbours
1776 John Lyon (9th Earl of Strathmore; John Bowes-Lyon) died - Noble
1776 John Struthers born - Minor poet and editor
1776 Robert Bald born - Surveyor and mining engineer
1776 Robert Foulis died - Printer and publisher
1776 Sir James Abercromby (1st Lord Dunfermline) born - Politician and lawyer
1776 William Blackwood born - Publisher and bookseller
1777 Admiral Sir Frederick Lewis Maitland born - Naval commander
1777 Admiral Sir John Ross born - Arctic explorer
1777 Archers' Hall (City of Edinburgh) Built
1777 Culzean Castle (South Ayrshire) Built
1777 Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (City of Edinburgh) Built
1777 General Hugh Mercer died - Military commander and hero of the American Revolutionary War
1777 James Aitken (John the Painter) died - Terrorist, who tried to destroy the British naval dockyards
1777 James Ferguson (Lord Pitfour) died - Advocate and judge
1777 James Glen died - American governor
1777 John Douglas Edward Henry Campbell (7th Duke of Argyll) born - Brother of George William Campbell (1766 - 1839), the 6th Duke and son of John Campbell (1723 - 1806), the 5th Duke
1777 Sir John Murray of Broughton died - Advisor and confidant to Bonnie Prince Charlie
1777 Thomas Allan born - Banker, newspaper proprietor and mineralogist
1777 William Tassie born - Glass engraver and portraitist
1778 Charles Darwin died - Unfortunate medical student
1778 Charles Douglas (3rd Duke of Queensberry; 2nd Duke of Dover) died - Noble
1778 Francis Horner born - Politician and economist
1778 Gallery of Modern Art (Glasgow City) Built
1778 George Keith (10th Earl Marischal) died - Unsuccessful Jacobite General
1778 Henry Peter Brougham (1st Baron Brougham and Vaux) born - Inventor, lawyer and politician
1778 James Lumsden born - Businessman and Lord Provost of Glasgow
1778 John Knox born - Painter
1778 John Strachan born - First Bishop of Toronto
1778 Langholm Bridge (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1778 Lord William Campbell died - Statesman, who was the last British Governor of South Carolina
1778 Prof. Andrew Ure born - Scientist
1778 Prof. James Pillans born - Academic and educational reformer
1778 Rev. John Thomson born - Minister at Duddingston and artist
1779 Bowmore Distillery (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1779 Elizabeth Crichton (Elizabeth Grierson) born - Founder of the Crichton Royal Hospital in Dumfries
1779 Henry Thomas Cockburn (Lord Cockburn) born - Barrister, judge, historian and conservationist
1779 John Galt born - Novelist
1779 John Neilson born - Industrialist
1779 John Wilson Ewbank born - Painter
1779 Oxford Bar (City of Edinburgh) Built
1779 Rev. Dr. John Lee born - Academic who rose to become Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland
1779 St Peter's Heritage Centre (Aberdeen City) Built
c.1780 Bod of Gremista (Shetland) Built
c.1780 Gracemount House (City of Edinburgh) Built
c.1780 Liberton Bank House (City of Edinburgh) Built
c.1780 Pollock Halls of Residence (City of Edinburgh) Built
c.1780 Rosehall (Highland) Built
c.1780 Salisbury Green (City of Edinburgh) Built
c.1780 The David Livingstone Centre (South Lanarkshire) Built
1780 Alexander Allan born - Captain and ship-owner
1780 Dr. Thomas Chalmers born - Founder of the Free Church of Scotland
1780 John Abercrombie born - Physician and medical scientist
1780 Mary Somerville born - Mathematician and scientist, born in Jedburgh, the daughter of a naval officer (Vice-Admiral Sir William Fairfax)
1780 Murrayfield Hospital (City of Edinburgh) Built
1780 Norman Macleod born - Religious leader
1780 Patrick Ferguson died - Inventor and soldier
1780 Prof. Adam Anderson born - Educationalist and pioneering engineer, who modernised the utility infrastructure of Perth
1780 Queensberry Monument (Dumfries and Galloway) Erected
1780 Robert Archibald Smith born - Minor composer and collector of songs
1780 Sir George Ballingall born - Military surgeon
1780 Straloch (Aberdeenshire) Built
1780 Thomas Nelson (Thomas Neilson) born - Publisher
1780 Walter Newall born - Architect
1780 William McNab born - Plant collector and horticulturist
c.1781 Robert Burns Centre (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1781 Auchtermuchty Parish Church (Fife) Built
1781 James Barr born - Composer
1781 John Smith born - Aberdeen architect
1781 North Breakwater (Aberdeen City) Opened
1781 Sir David Brewster born - Physicist
1781 Sir Lawrence Dundas died - Merchant, entrepreneur and politician
1781 Sunnyside Estate (Angus) Built / Opened
1781 Thomas Morton born - Shipbuilder and inventor
1781 William Chadwell Mylne born - Engineer
1781 William Mitchell born - Entrepreneur
1781 William Ritchie born - Publisher
1782 Andrew Usher born - Spirit merchant
1782 Castle Venlaw Hotel (Scottish Borders) Built
1782 Charles MacLaren born - Editor
1782 Chirnside Bridge (Scottish Borders) Opened
1782 General William Maule (1st Earl of Panmure of Forth) died - Soldier and politician
1782 James Alexander Gordon born - Admiral
1782 James Chalmers born - Inventor
1782 John Campbell (3rd Earl of Breadalbane) died - Noble, politician and diplomat
1782 Major-General William George Keith Elphinstone born - Unsuccessful military commander
1782 Oxenfoord Castle (Midlothian) Built
1782 Sir William Allan born - Artist and traveller
1783 Alexander Nimmo born - Surveyor, engineer and educationalist
1783 Andrew Buchanan died - Tobacco merchant
1783 Charles Murray Cathcart (2nd Earl of Cathcart; Lord Greenock) born - Soldier and geologist
1783 Colzium House (North Lanarkshire) Built
1783 Dr. John Crawfurd born - Colonial administrator and orientalist
1783 Isabella (Tibbie) Shiels born - Inn-keeper and Borders worthy
1783 James Baillie Fraser born - Traveller, author and painter
1783 John Glassford died - Tobacco Lord
1783 St Enoch Square (Glasgow City) Constructed
1783 Thomas Morton born - Engineer and inventor
1783 William Hunter died - Pioneer in the field of Obstetrics
1784 Adam Black born - Publisher
1784 Alexander Ross died - Poet
1784 Allan Ramsay died - Artist
1784 Colonel Alexander Abercromby born - Soldier and politician
1784 Dr. Samuel Johnson died - English author, poet, essayist, critic, journalist and lexicographer
1784 George Hamilton-Gordon (4th Earl of Aberdeen) born - Politician and British Prime Minister
1784 James Bremner born - Naval architect and engineer
1784 James Gall born - Publisher, inventor of a system of print for the blind and a notable map projection
1784 Knockando Wool Mill (Moray) Opened
1784 Prof. William Tennant born - Poet and linguist
1784 Richard Oswald died - Influential merchant who amassed great wealth from plantations in the West Indies
1784 St Andrew's and St George's West Church (City of Edinburgh) Built
1784 Thomas Hamilton born - Architect
1784 William Burnes died - Farmer and father of the poet Robert Burns
1784 William Jardine born - Trader and entrepreneur
1785 Alexander Runciman died - Painter
1785 Ewan MacPhee born - Outlaw, known as Scotland's last bandit
1785 James Andrew Anderson born - Banker
1785 John James Audubon (Jean Jacques Audubon) born - Ornithologist, naturalist and illustrator
1785 Leonard Horner born - Social reformer and geologist
1785 Leuchie House (East Lothian) Built
1785 Matthew Stewart died - Mathematician
1785 Prof. John Wilson (Christopher North) born - Author, poet, critic and editor
1785 Sir David Wilkie born - Painter
1785 Sir William Jackson Hooker born - Botanist and first Director of Kew Gardens (London)
1785 The Tower (City of Edinburgh) Built
1785 Thomas De Quincey born - Author and poet
1785 William Cochran died - Artist
1786 Alexander Fraser born - Painter
1786 George Ross died - Laird and businessman
1786 John Clunies Ross born - Seaman, explorer and adventurer
1786 Marischal Museum (Aberdeen City) Opened
1786 Melville Castle (Midlothian) Built
1786 Northern Lighthouse Board Headquarters (City of Edinburgh) Built
1786 Pease Bridge (Scottish Borders) Opened
1786 Prof. John Hope died - Botanist
1786 Simpson House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1786 St Andrew's Square (Glasgow City) Constructed
1786 Stanley Mills (Perth and Kinross) Built
1786 William John Napier (9th Lord Napier) born - Sailor and diplomat
c.1787 Annet House (West Lothian) Built
c.1787 Prof. John Lizars born - Surgeon
c.1787 Sir George Simpson born - Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company in Canada, who became known as the father of the Canadian fur trade
1787 Alexander Maconochie born - Geographer and penal reformer
1787 Assembly Rooms (City of Edinburgh) Built
1787 Bridge of Dun (Angus) Opened
1787 David Wemyss (Lord Elcho) died - Jacobite
1787 General Sir Thomas Monteath Douglas born - Soldier
1787 George Hay (8th Marquess of Tweeddale) born - Soldier
1787 George Ramsay (8th Earl of Dalhousie) died - Noble and mason
1787 Kinnaird Head Castle Lighthouse (Aberdeenshire) Built
1787 Lord John Murray died - Hanoverian general
1787 Patrick Nasmyth born - Artist
1787 Rev. John Brown died - Preacher and author
1787 Robert Dundas of Arniston (4th Lord Arniston) died - Judge and politician
1787 Sir James Hunter Blair died - Politician and banker
1787 Sir John Forbes born - Physician
1787 Sir John Richardson born - Naturalist and explorer
1787 Thomas Hay (9th Earl of Kinnoull) died - Noble and politician
c.1788 David Henderson died - Architect and mason
c.1788 James Blair born - Politician and plantation-owner
1788 Andrew Picken born - Author
1788 Ardtaraig House (Argyll and Bute) Built
1788 Basil Hall born - Traveller and author
1788 Eaglesham Old and Carswell Parish Church (East Renfrewshire) Built
1788 General Sir John Low born - Indian army commander
1788 George Noel Gordon Byron (6th Lord Byron) born - Romantic poet
1788 George Younger died - Brewer
1788 Hugh Clapperton born - Explorer
1788 Liberton Golf Club (City of Edinburgh) Built
1788 Margaret Stuart Hamilton Tyndall-Bruce born - Heiress and landowner
1788 Mayen House (Moray) Built
1788 Mull of Kintyre Lighthouse (Argyll and Bute) Built
1788 Neil Arnott born - Inventor, natural philosopher and physician
1788 Old Aberdeen Town House (Aberdeen City) Built
1788 Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) died - The "Young Pretender"
1788 Sir John Watson Gordon born - Painter
1788 Sir Samuel Greig died - Born in Inverkeithing (Fife), Greig served in the British Navy
1788 Sir William Hamilton born - Philosopher and educationalist
1788 South Bridge (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1788 Thomas Short died - Optician and astronomer
1788 Vice Admiral Robert Wauchope born - Inventor and naval commander
1788 William Brodie (Deacon Brodie) died - Ingenious burglar
1788 William Home Lizars born - Artist and engraver
1788 Yair (Scottish Borders) Built
1789 Abercrombie's Jetty (Aberdeen City) Opened
1789 Andrew Melrose born - Tea merchant and grocer
1789 Auchterderran Parish Church (Fife) Built
1789 Charlotte Stuart (Duchess of Albany) died - Only acknowledged daughter of Bonnie Prince Charlie
1789 Frederick McAdam Cathcart born - Diplomat and soldier
1789 James Burns born - Ship-owner
1789 James Ramsay died - Naval surgeon and abolitionist
1789 John Kennedy born - Minor poet
1789 John Ramsay McCulloch born - Economist
1789 Mary MacDougal Macdonald born - Gaelic hymn-writer and poet
1789 Old College (City of Edinburgh) Built
1789 Old North Ronaldsay Light Beacon (Orkney) Built
1789 Robert Bruce born - Discovered tea plants growing in India
1789 Sir William Fairbairn born - Engineer
1789 Stephen Mitchell born - Tobacco manufacturer and philanthropist
1789 The Johnstone Mausoleum (Clackmannanshire) Erected
1789 Thomas Pringle born - Minor poet and reformer
1789 William Bald born - Engineer, surveyor and cartographer
1789 William Burn born - Architect
1789 William Collins born - Publisher
1789 William Glen born - Minor poet
1789 William Henry (Christie) Miller (Christie Miller) born - Eccentric politician
1789 William Henry Playfair born - Architect
c.1790 Arthurstone House (Perth and Kinross) Built
c.1790 Ravelston House (City of Edinburgh) Built
C.1790 Arthurstone House (Perth and Kinross) Built
1790 Adam Smith died - Economist and philosopher
1790 Alexander Dennistoun born - Cotton trader
1790 Archibald Simpson born - Aberdeen-based architect
1790 Balblair Distillery (Highland) Opened
1790 Brechin Museum (Angus) Built
1790 Castle Lachlan (Argyll and Bute) Built
1790 Chesters (Scottish Borders) Built
1790 David Napier born - Marine engineer
1790 Dolphin House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1790 Dunrossness Kirk (Shetland) Built
1790 Fetlar Kirk (Shetland) Built
1790 Flora MacDonald died - Reluctant heroine
1790 Forth and Clyde Canal (Falkirk) Opened
1790 George Rainy born - Merchant and plantation owner
1790 Gosford House (East Lothian) Built
1790 Grangemouth, Port of (Falkirk) Built
1790 Harold's Tower (Highland) Built
1790 Hunter Square (City of Edinburgh) Constructed
1790 James Lockhart-Wishart (Count Lockhart-Wishart of Lee and Carnwath) died - Soldier
1790 Johnstone Mausoleum (Dumfries and Galloway) Erected
1790 Major General William Roy died - Surveyor and cartographer
1790 Nethergate House (Dundee City) Built
1790 Ochtertyre (Perth and Kinross) Built
1790 Onesiphorous Tyndall-Bruce born - English barrister who became, through marriage, a noted figure in the history of Falkland
1790 Pitcalzean House (Highland) Built
1790 Prof. Henry Cullen died - Physician
1790 Prof. William Cullen died - Physiologist
1790 Rev. Robert Stirling born - Clergyman who made his name as an engineer, inventing the Stirling-cycle engine
1790 Robert Forrest born - Sculptor
1790 Sir James Campbell born - Merchant, who became Lord Provost of Glasgow
1790 Thomas Campbell born - Sculptor
1790 William Mylne died - Architect
1791 Airthrey Castle (Stirling) Built
1791 Andrew Rutherfurd born - Advocate, judge and politician
1791 Dr. Robert Knox born - Anatomist
1791 Elspat Buchan (Elsbeth or Elizabeth Buchan) died - Sect leader
1791 Patrick Shirreff born - Farmer and pioneer of cereal hybridisation
1791 Rev. Hew Scott born - Ecclesiastical editor
1791 Robert Napier born - Engineer and pioneer of ship-building on the River Clyde
1791 The Burn (Aberdeenshire) Built
1791 Trades' Hall (Glasgow City) Built
1792 Arthur Anderson born - Ship owner
1792 Bridge of Ross (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1792 Clachan Bridge (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1792 Ebenezer Scroggie born - Edinburgh merchant who provided Charles Dickens with the inspiration for the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge
1792 Edward Irving born - Charismatic preacher
1792 Field Marshall Sir Colin Campbell (Lord Clyde) born - Outstanding soldier
1792 Glasgow Royal Infirmary (Glasgow City) Built
1792 Insh Church (Highland) Built
1792 Inverness Royal Academy (Highland) Established
1792 James Beaumont Neilson born - Inventor and industrialist
1792 John Adam died - Architect
1792 John Paul Jones died - Naval pioneer
1792 John Stuart (3rd Earl of Bute) died - British prime minister
1792 Raehills (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1792 Robert Adam died - Architect
1792 Sir David Dalrymple (3rd Baronet Hailes; Lord Hailes) died - Lawyer, judge and historian
1792 Sir Roderick Impey Murchison born - Geologist and geographer
1792 Theatre Royal (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1792 Thomas Binnie born - Builder, property developer and philanthropist
1792 William Burke born - Resurrectionist and murderer
1793 Charles Alexander Bruce born - Father of the Indian tea industry
1793 Daniel Lizars born - Engraver, printer and publisher
1793 David Stow born - Education pioneer
1793 Dean Edward Bannerman Burnett Ramsay born - Clergyman
1793 Dr. Robert Lee born - Pioneering gynaecologist
1793 Dunnikier House (Fife) Built
1793 Francis Garden (Lord Gardenstone) died - Judge
1793 Jacob More died - Painter
1793 James Anderson born - Engineer and land surveyor
1793 James Archibald born - Railway engineer
1793 James Small died - Inventor
1793 John Crichton-Stuart (2nd Marquess of Bute) born - Entrepreneur
1793 John Hunter died - Pioneer of surgery and dentistry
1793 John Murray (John McMurray) died - Publisher
1793 Leith Fort (City of Edinburgh) Built
1793 Little Cumbrae Lighthouse (North Ayrshire) Built
1793 Little Cumbrae Old Lighthouse (North Ayrshire) Closed
1793 Lord George Gordon died - Infamous politician
1793 Lord John Hay born - Naval commander
1793 Monkland Canal (Glasgow City) Opened
1793 Rev. Henry Francis Lyte born - One of the great Victorian hymn-writers
1793 Sir Andrew Agnew born - Politician
1793 Sir David Baxter born - Textiles manufacturer and benefactor
1793 Westerkirk Library (Dumfries and Galloway) Established
1793 William Aiton died - Botanist
1793 William Campbell born - International trader and philanthropist
1793 William Dick born - Pioneer of veterinary education in Scotland and founder of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Science
1793 William Robertson died - Historian
c.1794 Babbity Bowster (Glasgow City) Built
1794 Alexander Gordon Laing born - African explorer
1794 Alison Cockburn (Alison Rutherford) died - Poetess, songwriter and socialite
1794 Ardbeg Distillery (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1794 Charles Lawson born - Botanist and Traveller
1794 Dr. John Roebuck died - Inventor and entrepreneur, who was a leader of the Industrial Revolution in Scotland
1794 Elizabeth Gordon (Duchess of Gordon, 'The Good Duchess') born - Noted for her charitable works
1794 General James Murray died - First Governor of Canada
1794 George Cleghorn died - Medical pioneer
1794 Greyfriars Free Church (Highland) Built
1794 Hugh Hume-Campbell (3rd Earl of Marchmont) died - Noble and politician
1794 James Adam died - Architect
1794 James Bruce died - Early Explorer
1794 James Lind died - Naval physician
1794 James Playfair died - Architect
1794 John Anderson born - Merchant and banker
1794 John Gibson Lockhart born - Author and literary critic, best known for his biography of his father-in-law Sir Walter Scott
1794 John Graham Gilbert (John Graham) born - Portrait painter and colourist
1794 John Smeaton died - An English engineer of Scottish descent, born at Austhorpe near Leeds, Smeaton has been dubbed the father of civil engineering
1794 John Zephaniah Bell born - Artist
1794 Lieut-General Sir George Cathcart born - Soldier
1794 Monreith House (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1794 New Bridge (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1794 Oban Distillery (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1794 Preston Hall (Midlothian) Built
1794 Rev. John Witherspoon died - Clergyman born in Gifford, East Lothian
1794 Robert Liston born - Surgeon
1794 Thomas Grainger born - Pioneering railway engineer
c.1795 Craig Inn Community Centre (West Lothian) Built
c.1795 Islay House Square (Argyll and Bute) Built
c.1795 James Miranda Barry born - Army surgeon and, through deception, the world's first female doctor
c.1795 Persley Castle (Aberdeen City) Built
1795 Dr. Robert Moffat born - Missionary and explorer
1795 Frances (Fanny) Wright born - Social reformer and feminist
1795 George Meikle Kemp born - Architect and draughtsman
1795 James Boswell died - Biographer and traveller
1795 James Braid born - Surgeon and pioneer in the field of hypnosis
1795 James Craig died - Architect
1795 Rear Admiral Robert Aitchison born - Naval commander
1795 Sir George Burns born - Shipping magnate
1795 The Arched House (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1795 Thomas Carlyle born - Writer, historian, philosopher and literary critic
1795 Walter Geikie born - Artist
1795 William Lyon Mackenzie born - Politician and radical
1795 William Smellie died - Printer and natural historian
1796 Ardinning, Loch (Stirling) Opened
1796 David Allan died - Artist and portrait painter
1796 David Roberts born - Painter
1796 Eglinton Castle (North Ayrshire) Built
1796 Georgian House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1796 John Anderson died - Scientist
1796 Joseph Gerrald died - One of the so-called 'Scottish Martyrs'
1796 No.5 Charlotte Square (City of Edinburgh) Built
1796 Rev. Dr. John Anderson born - Clergyman and scientist
1796 Robert Burns died - Poet and writer
1796 Robert Foulis born - Engineer, entrepreneur and inventor
1796 Sir James Matheson born - Trader and entrepreneur
1796 Sir William Chambers died - Architect
1796 Thomas Reid died - Philosopher
1796 United Church of Bute (Argyll and Bute) Built
1796 William Baird born - Industrialist and politician
1796 William Skirving died - Political reformer
1797 Archibald McLellan born - Coach-builder and patron of the arts
1797 Cloch Lighthouse (Inverclyde) Built
1797 Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemurchus (The Highland Lady) born - Writer and social observer
1797 Hermand House (West Lothian) Built
1797 James Gillespie died - Snuff manufacturer and philanthropist
1797 James Hutton died - Father of modern geology, born in Edinburgh
1797 Joan (Jackie) Crookston died - Famously died resisted the Militia Act of 1797
1797 Matthew Brisbane born - Antarctic explorer and Falkland Islands settler
1797 Murdoch Mackenzie died - Surveyor and marine cartographer
1797 Sir Charles Lyell born - Influential geologist
1797 Sir Robert Christison born - Pioneering toxicologist
1797 Thomas Drummond born - Surveyor, inventor and politician
1797 William MacDonald Mackenzie born - Architect
1797 William Motherwell born - Poet, antiquary and journalist
c.1798 The Roundhouse (Aberdeen City) Built
1798 Andrew Bannatyne born - Politician, lawyer and businessman
1798 Blair Athol Distillery (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1798 David Macbeth Moir born - Author and Physician
1798 Gavin Hamilton died - Painter
1798 George Don born - Botanist and plant collector
1798 Highland Park Distillery (Orkney) Opened
1798 Joanna Belfrage Picken born - Minor poet
1798 John Baird born - Architect
1798 Robert Pollok born - Poet
1798 Sir William Edmond Logan born - Geologist
1798 Thomas Henderson born - Astronomer
c.1799 Hunterston House (North Ayrshire) Built
1799 David Douglas born - Adventurous botanist
1799 David Hutcheson born - Ship owner
1799 James Bowman Lindsay born - Born in Carmyllie, near Arbroath, Lindsay was a visionary and pioneer in the field of electricity
1799 James Syme born - Surgeon
1799 James Tassie died - Glass and gemstone engraver
1799 Lord Robert Macqueen Braxfield died - Lawyer and 'hanging judge'
1799 Margaret Agnes Bunn (Margaret Agnes Somerville) born - Actress, noted for her roles as the tragic heroine
1799 Peter Williamson (Indian Peter) died - Reformer
1799 Prof. Joseph Black died - Chemist
1799 Rev. Patrick Bell born - Invented the reaping machine which was a direct precursor of the modern combine harvester
1799 Thomas Muir died - Radical reformer
1799 William Thom born - Minor poet
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