Scottish History Timeline (Late 19th Century; 1850-99)

Note that, within a single year, events are not necessarily presented in chronological order.

Previous Period
c.1850 Hagdale Horse Mill (Shetland) Built
c.1850 Hospitalfield House (Angus) Built
c.1850 Insh Village Church (Highland) Built
c.1850 Inverinate House (Highland) Built
c.1850 Longcroft House (West Lothian) Built
c.1850 Rob Roy Statue (Aberdeen City) Erected
c.1850 Shetland Crofthouse Museum (Shetland) Built
1850 Agnew Monument (Dumfries and Galloway) Erected
1850 Alexandria Railway Station (West Dunbartonshire) Opened
1850 Allan Glen died - Philanthropist
1850 Arbuthnot Museum (Aberdeenshire) Opened
1850 Clubbiedean Reservoir (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1850 Craigluscar East Reservoir (Fife) Opened
1850 Dalreoch Railway Bridge (West Dunbartonshire) Opened
1850 Dalreoch Railway Station (West Dunbartonshire) Opened
1850 Day Hort MacDowall born - Canadian politician
1850 Dr. Thomas Neill Cream born - The Waterloo Poisoner
1850 Drumlanrig Tunnel (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1850 Dumbarton Central Railway Station (West Dunbartonshire) Built
1850 East Coast Main Line (Scottish Borders) Opened
1850 Edinburgh-Dunblane Line (Falkirk) Opened
1850 Ewan MacPhee died - Outlaw, known as Scotland's last bandit
1850 Francis Jeffrey (Lord Jeffrey) died - Lawyer, critic and co-founder of the Edinburgh Review
1850 George Goudie Chisholm born - Influential Geographer
1850 George Manson born - Painter
1850 Glover House (Aberdeen City) Built
1850 James Thom (The Ayrshire Sculptor) died - Sculptor, who lived in Ayr
1850 John Gibb died - Civil engineer and building contractor, best remembered for his work on harbours
1850 John Morgan Aitken born - Architect and building contractor
1850 Kilmarnock Railway Viaduct (East Ayrshire) Opened
1850 Kirkconnel Railway Station (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1850 New College (City of Edinburgh) Built
1850 North Berwick Railway Station (East Lothian) Opened
1850 Portlethen Railway Station (Aberdeenshire) Opened
1850 Prof. Sir Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer born - Physiologist
1850 Renton Railway Station (West Dunbartonshire) Opened
1850 Robert Louis Stevenson (Robert Lewis Balfour Stevenson) born - Author and literary critic
1850 Robert Stevenson died - Engineer
1850 Sanquhar Railway Station (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1850 Sir Charles McLaren (Lord Aberconway) born - Lawyer, politician and businessman
1850 Sir George Thomas Beilby born - Industrial chemist
1850 Sir Thomas Lipton born - Grocer and entrepreneur
1850 Sir William Allan died - Artist and traveller
1850 William Wordsworth died - Romantic Poet
1851 Barry Links Railway Station (Angus) Opened
1851 Blackadder Bridge (Scottish Borders) Opened
1851 Charles Hope (Lord Granton) died - Jurist and politician
1851 David Macbeth Moir died - Author and Physician
1851 Donaldson's (West Lothian) Established
1851 Donaldson's College (City of Edinburgh) Built
1851 Dr. Patrick Neill died - Naturalist and author, who became a central figure of the later Scottish Enlightenment
1851 Erskine Beveridge born - Textile manufacturer and antiquarian, noted for his archaeological investigations in the Hebrides
1851 Francis Hindes Groome born - Editor of the Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland and eminent scholar of gypsy life and culture
1851 Francis Maitland Balfour born - Embryologist
1851 George Chrystal born - Mathematician and academic
1851 George Younger (1st Viscount Younger of Leckie) born - Politician and brewer
1851 James Alexander Haldane died - Evangelist
1851 James Hardie born - Entrepreneur
1851 James Thomson born - Visionary architect and engineer
1851 Joanna Baillie died - Poet and dramatist
1851 John James Audubon (Jean Jacques Audubon) died - Ornithologist, naturalist and illustrator
1851 Joseph Mallord William Turner (J.M.W. Turner) died - English landscape artist
1851 Kays of Scotland (South Ayrshire) Opened
1851 Loganlea Reservoir (Midlothian) Opened
1851 Lord John Hay died - Naval commander
1851 Ormiston Hall (West Lothian) Built
1851 Prof. Henry Drummond born - Clergyman, academic and author
1851 Robert Laws born - Missionary
1851 Robert Saunders Dundas (2nd Viscount Melville) died - Politician, lawyer and First Lord of the Admiralty
1851 Robert Weir Allan born - Painter
1851 Shedden Park (Scottish Borders) Created
1851 Sir George Watt born - Botanist
1851 Sir James McGrigor died - Military surgeon, credited with laying the foundations of the Royal Army Medical Corps
1851 Sir John Gladstone died - Merchant and politician
1851 The Macquarie Mausoleum (Argyll and Bute) Built
1851 Tommy Morris (Young Tom) born - Golfer
1851 Torduff Reservoir (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1851 Wigtown Parish Church (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1851 William Hesketh Lever (1st Viscount Leverhulme of the Western Isles) born - Industrialist and philanthropist
1851 William Nicol died - Mineralogist and physicist
1851 Nitshill Mining Disaster
c.1852 North British Railway Bridge (Stirling) Opened
1852 (James) Macintyre Henry (J. Macintyre Henry) born - Architect
1852 (John) Hamilton Gillespie born - Father of Sarasota
1852 Bore Stone (City of Edinburgh) Erected
1852 Captain Simon Fraser died - Fiddler, collector and composer of folk tunes
1852 Captain Sir Samuel Brown died - Civil engineer and naval commander
1852 Daniel (Dane) Sinclair born - Inventor
1852 Frances (Fanny) Wright died - Social reformer and feminist
1852 Henry Edward Clifford (H.E. Clifford) born - Architect
1852 James Fillans died - Sculptor, painter, poet and stone mason
1852 James Finlayson died - Industrialist
1852 John Neilson Institute (Renfrewshire) Established
1852 John Ross Menzies born - Newsagent and wholesale publisher
1852 John Smith died - Aberdeen architect
1852 Lewis Chemical Works (Western Isles) Built
1852 Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum (East Lothian) Opened
1852 Purchase Cairn (Aberdeenshire) Erected
1852 Robert Forrest died - Sculptor
1852 Robert Kidston born - Influential palaeobotanist
1852 Sir (Horace) Edward Moss born - Theatre impresario
1852 Sir Everard im Thurn born - Colonial administrator, anthropologist and explorer
1852 Sir Malcolm Donald McEacharn born - Ship-owner, businessman and politician
1852 Sir William Ramsay born - Chemist
1852 Thomas Grainger died - Pioneering railway engineer
1852 Thomas Thomson died - Scientist
1852 William Maule of Panmure (1st Baron Panmure of Brechin and Navar) died - Laird
1853 (William) Birnie Rhind born - Sculptor
1853 Alexander Petrie (The Clincher) born - A noted Glaswegian eccentric, The Clincher adopted his name because he knew he would always clinch (win) an argument
1853 Allan Glen's School (Glasgow City) Built
1853 Bonaly Reservoir (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1853 Charles Scott Meik born - Civil Engineer
1853 Colonel Alexander Abercromby died - Soldier and politician
1853 Colonel Gardiner's Monument (East Lothian) Erected
1853 Corn Exchange (East Lothian) Built
1853 David George Ritchie born - Philosopher
1853 Francis Charteris-Wemyss-Douglas (6th Earl of Wemyss; 4th Earl of March) died - Noble
1853 Frederick W. P. Wyndham born - Theatre impresario and actor
1853 Gerald William Balfour (2nd Earl of Balfour) born - Politician
1853 Institute of Geography (City of Edinburgh) Built
1853 James Bryson born - Engineer and inventor
1853 James Carmichael died - Engineer and industrialist
1853 James Chalmers died - Inventor
1853 John More Dick Peddie (John More Peddie) born - Architect
1853 John Struthers died - Minor poet and editor
1853 Major General Sir Hector Archibald MacDonald (Fighting Mac) born - Soldier
1853 Monikie Country Park (Angus) Opened
1853 Outlook Tower and Camera Obscura (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1853 Playfair Steps (City of Edinburgh) Constructed
1853 Poltalloch (Argyll and Bute) Built
1853 Robert Mackenzie died - Trader
1853 Sir George Washington Browne born - Architect
1853 Slateford Railway Station (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1853 South Portland Street Suspension Bridge (Glasgow City) Opened
1853 St Paul's Episcopal Cathedral (Dundee City) Built
1853 William Collins died - Publisher
1853 William Gunion Rutherford born - Classicist and Headmaster of Westminster School
1853 William Thomas Oldrieve (W.T. Oldrieve) born - Public architect responsible for post offices around Scotland
1854 Alexander Allan died - Captain and ship-owner
1854 Andrew Rutherfurd died - Advocate, judge and politician
1854 Archibald McLellan died - Coach-builder and patron of the arts
1854 Buchanan Castle (Stirling) Built
1854 Charles Black died - Publisher
1854 Davaar Lighthouse (Argyll and Bute) Built
1854 David Alan Stevenson (David A. Stevenson) born - Lighthouse engineer
1854 David Dunbar Buick born - Inventor and engineer
1854 Dyce Railway Station (Aberdeen City) Opened
1854 Henry Thomas Cockburn (Lord Cockburn) died - Barrister, judge, historian and conservationist
1854 Huntly Railway Station (Aberdeenshire) Opened
1854 Insch Railway Station (Aberdeenshire) Opened
1854 James Hall died - Advocate and amateur artist
1854 James Montgomery died - Poet
1854 James Paterson born - Artist
1854 James Robert Rhind (J. R. Rhind) born - Architect
1854 John Clunies Ross died - Seaman, explorer and adventurer
1854 John Gibson Lockhart died - Author and literary critic, best known for his biography of his father-in-law Sir Walter Scott
1854 John Jeffrey died - Explorer and plant-hunter
1854 Leven Railway (Fife) Opened
1854 Lews Castle (Western Isles) Built
1854 Lieut-General Sir George Cathcart died - Soldier
1854 National Gallery of Scotland (Scottish Borders) Opened
1854 North Ronaldsay Lighthouse (Orkney) Built
1854 Prof. Edward Forbes died - Scientist
1854 Prof. John Wilson (Christopher North) died - Author, poet, critic and editor
1854 Prof. Robert Jameson died - Geologist and naturalist
1854 Sir (Michael) Hugh Shaw Stewart (8th Baronet of Greenock and Blackhall) born - Landowner and politician
1854 Sir Donald MacAlister (1st Baronet of Tarbert) born - Academic
1854 Sir Dugald Clerk born - Engineer and inventor
1854 Sir Patrick Geddes born - Regarded as the father of town planning
1854 Sir William Alexander Smith born - Founder of the Boy's Brigade
1854 Thomas Mackenzie died - Architect
1854 Victoria Bridge (Glasgow City) Opened
1854 William Baxter died - Textile manufacturer
1854 William Mitchell died - Entrepreneur
1855 Andrew Melrose died - Tea merchant and grocer
1855 Andrew Usher died - Spirit merchant
1855 Annan Fine Art Gallery (Glasgow City) Opened
1855 Archibald Barr born - Engineer
1855 Arthur Melville born - Artist
1855 Balmoral Castle (Aberdeenshire) Built
1855 Charles Alexander Stevenson born - Lighthouse engineer
1855 Civil Registration Act comes into force
1855 Cumbernauld Line (Falkirk) Opened
1855 David Bain born - Railway carriage designer
1855 Dorothy Wordsworth died - Poet and diarist
1855 Francis (Fra) Henry Newbery born - Director of the Glasgow School of Art and painter
1855 George Burrell Ramsay born - Football manager, described as the Founder of Aston Villa football club
1855 Inverness Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1855 James Gillespie Graham died - Architect
1855 James Thomson died - Editor and clergyman
1855 John Mathieson born - Surveyor, map-maker and explorer
1855 John Neilson died - Industrialist
1855 John Wilson (Old Jock) died - Marine artist
1855 Lanark Railway Station (South Lanarkshire) Opened
1855 Nairn Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1855 Onesiphorous Tyndall-Bruce died - English barrister who became, through marriage, a noted figure in the history of Falkland
1855 Park (Glasgow City) Constructed
1855 Prof. Sir James Alfred Ewing born - Engineer, physicist and educator
1855 Robert Gemmell Hutchison born - Genre painter
1855 Royal Exchange Square (Glasgow City) Constructed
1855 Sir George Ballingall died - Military surgeon
1855 St Andrews Museum (Fife) Built
1855 Stirling Railway Station (Stirling) Opened
1855 Ury House (Aberdeenshire) Built
1855 Weisdale Mill (Shetland) Built
1855 Westfield Viaduct (Falkirk) Opened
1855 William Sharp (Fiona Macleod) born - Novelist, poet and biographer
1855 William York MacGregor born - Artist
1856 (Arthur George) Sydney Mitchell born - Prodigious architect
1856 (William) Ivison Macadam born - Scientist
1856 Admiral Sir John Ross died - Arctic explorer
1856 Alexander (Alec) Ritchie born - Jewellery maker and metal-worker
1856 Alexander Mackay born - Entrepreneur
1856 Allan Macbeth born - Academic, composer and musician
1856 Archibald Cameron Corbett (Lord Rowallan) born - Politician, businessman and philanthropist
1856 Caledonia Road Church (Glasgow City) Built
1856 Dora Mina Erskine-Wemyss (Lady Grosvenor) born - Creator of the Wemyss School of Needlework
1856 Dr. (James) Pittendrigh MacGillivray born - Sculptor and poet
1856 Dunkeld & Birnam Railway Station (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1856 Fountain Brewery (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1856 George Don died - Botanist and plant collector
1856 Gleneagles Railway Station (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1856 Harbour Branch Bridge (Former) (South Ayrshire) Opened
1856 Hawick Museum (Scottish Borders) Opened
1856 Helen Hopekirk born - Pianist, piano teacher and composer
1856 Hugh Miller died - Born in Cromarty, Miller was a stone mason turned geologist, writer, journalist and religious reformer
1856 James Baillie Fraser died - Traveller, author and painter
1856 James Bremner died - Naval architect and engineer
1856 James Keir Hardie born - Radical Socialist
1856 James Lumsden died - Businessman and Lord Provost of Glasgow
1856 John Alexander Dewar (Lord Forteviot) born - Whisky Baron
1856 John Henry Lorimer born - Painter
1856 John Mackenzie born - Mountain guide and professional climber
1856 Keith Railway Station (Moray) Opened
1856 Prof. John Glaister born - Forensic scientist
1856 Railway Viaduct (South Ayrshire) Opened
1856 Richard Burdon Sanderson Haldane (Viscount Haldane of Cloan) born - Politician, lawyer and philosopher who reformed the British Army
1856 Robert Reid died - King's architect and surveyor in Scotland
1856 Samuel Morison Brown died - Chemist and author
1856 Sir Hugh Thomas Munro born - Tabulator of Scotland's Munros
1856 Sir John Lavery born - Artist
1856 Sir William Beardmore (Baron Invernairn) born - Engineer and shipbuilder
1856 Sir William Hamilton died - Philosopher and educationalist
1856 St Andrew's Suspension Bridge (Glasgow City) Opened
1856 The McLellan Galleries (Glasgow City) Opened
1856 William Kinninmond Burton born - Engineer and amateur photographer
1856 William MacDonald Mackenzie died - Architect
1857 Andrew Watson born - Black footballer
1857 Augustine Henry born - Plant collector
1857 Balmoral Bridge (Aberdeenshire) Opened
1857 Britannia Panopticon Music Hall (Glasgow City) Built
1857 Cuddy Bridge (Scottish Borders) Opened
1857 Daniel Macmillan died - Publisher
1857 Dr. John Gunion Rutherford born - Canadian veterinary officer and politician
1857 Edward Theodore Salvesen (Lord Salvesen) born - Law Lord
1857 Holmwood House (East Renfrewshire) Built
1857 Holy Trinity Church (South Lanarkshire) Built
1857 James Duff (4th Earl of Fife) died - Soldier
1857 Joseph (Joe) Milne born - Artist
1857 Kyleakin Lighthouse (Highland) Built
1857 Marie Loftus born - Music-hall entertainer
1857 Marjory Kennedy-Fraser born - Collector, arranger and singer of Hebridean songs
1857 Ornsay Lighthouse (Highland) Built
1857 Pittendreich House (Midlothian) Built
1857 Prof. Andrew Ure died - Scientist
1857 Rev. Thomas Dick died - Author, clergyman, philosopher and astronomer
1857 Robert Noble born - Artist
1857 Rossie School (Angus) Established
1857 Rubha nan Gall Lighthouse (Argyll and Bute) Built
1857 Sir Robert Philip born - Medical scientist who pioneered the management of tuberculosis
1857 Sunnyside Estate (Angus) Built
1857 Trinity College (Glasgow City) Built
1857 Ushenish Lighthouse (Western Isles) Built
1857 Valley Cemetery (Stirling) Opened
1857 William (Willie) Fernie born - Golfer
1857 William Bald died - Engineer, surveyor and cartographer
1857 William Fife born - Yacht designer
1857 William Henry Playfair died - Architect
1857 William Younger born - Brewer
1857 Williamina Paton Stevens Fleming born - Astronomer
1858 Aberdeen-Inverness Line (Aberdeen City) Opened
1858 Andrew Bonar Law born - Politician and British Prime Minister
1858 Balfour Monument (East Lothian) Erected
1858 Bowling Railway Station (West Dunbartonshire) Opened
1858 Bressay Lighthouse (Shetland) Built
1858 Cardross Railway Station (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1858 Dalmuir Railway Station (West Dunbartonshire) Opened
1858 Dumfries Railway Station (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1858 Elgin Railway Station (Moray) Opened
1858 Eliza Fletcher (Eliza Dawson) died - Minor author
1858 Findhorn Viaduct (Moray) Opened
1858 George Henry born - Artist, noted particularly for his landscape paintings
1858 Henry Alexander Mavor born - Electrical Engineer
1858 James Elliot Shearer born - Minor artist
1858 James Jardine died - Civil Engineer
1858 Joseph Thomson born - African explorer
1858 Kilpatrick Railway Station (West Dunbartonshire) Opened
1858 King James VI Golf Course (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1858 Lady Francis Balfour born - Suffragette and biographer
1858 Martyrs' Monument (Dumfries and Galloway) Erected
1858 Maryhill Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1858 Mawcarse Station (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1858 Michael Nairn died - Floor-cloth manufacturer
1858 Muckle Flugga Lighthouse (Shetland) Built
1858 Out Skerries Lighthouse (Shetland) Built
1858 Park Church (Glasgow City) Built
1858 Princess Royal's Cairn (Aberdeenshire) Erected
1858 Reid Concert Hall (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1858 Robert Brown died - Botanist, who gave the name 'nucleus' to the structure which controls cells
1858 Robert Owen died - Social reformer and entrepreneur
1858 Sir David Yule born - Commercial baron
1858 Sir James Abercromby (1st Lord Dunfermline) died - Politician and lawyer
1858 Thomas Campbell died - Sculptor
1858 Thomas Hamilton died - Architect
1858 Torosay Castle (Argyll and Bute) Built
1859 Alexander Cowan died - Paper-maker and philanthropist
1859 Alexander James Adie died - Optician, instrument manufacturer and meteorologist
1859 Alexander Monro (Tertius) died - Anatomist
1859 Alfred Harker born - Geologist
1859 Allan Robertson died - The first great golf professional
1859 Andrew Black born - Singer
1859 Angus MacKay died - Piper to Queen Victoria
1859 Annie Shepherd Swan born - Novelist
1859 Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland (City of Edinburgh) Built
1859 Chambers Institution (Scottish Borders) Opened
1859 Charles Murray Cathcart (2nd Earl of Cathcart; Lord Greenock) died - Soldier and geologist
1859 Dr. James Esdaile (James Esdale) died - Early practitioner of hypnosis
1859 George Slight born - Lighthouse engineer
1859 Hope Monument (West Lothian) Erected
1859 James Archibald Hood born - Coal Baron
1859 John (Johnnie) Walker died - Whisky Blender
1859 John Baird died - Architect
1859 Katrine, Loch (Stirling) Opened
1859 Kenneth Grahame born - Author, born in Edinburgh
1859 Kimmerghame House (Scottish Borders) Built
1859 McIntyre Monument (Argyll and Bute) Erected
1859 Mugdock Reservoir (East Dunbartonshire) Opened
1859 Peter MacGregor Chalmers born - Church architect
1859 Prof. (John) Norman Collie born - Scientist and pioneering mountaineer
1859 Rev. Dr. John Lee died - Academic who rose to become Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland
1859 Ruvaal Lighthouse (Argyll and Bute) Built
1859 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle born - Author, spiritualist and creator of the detective Sherlock Holmes
1859 Sir Francis Norie-Miller born - Insurance pioneer, who contributed much to the civic society of Perth
1859 Sir James Guthrie born - Painter
1859 St Aloysius' College (Glasgow City) Established
1859 St Vincent Street Church (Glasgow City) Built
1859 Thomas De Quincey died - Author and poet
1859 Thomas Edington died - Industrialist and amateur mineralogist
1859 Tweeddale Museum & Gallery (Scottish Borders) Opened
1859 Wellington School (Midlothian) Established
1859 William Home Lizars died - Artist and engraver
1859 William Strang born - Artist
c.1860 Whitrope Tunnel (Scottish Borders) Opened
c.1860 William Hare died - Resurrectionist and Murderer
1860 (John) Massey Rhind born - Sculptor
1860 Alexander Maconochie died - Geographer and penal reformer
1860 Andrew (Andra) Kirkaldy born - Golfer
1860 Archibald Thorburn born - Artist, who became known as Britain's best ornithological illustrator
1860 Arkleton (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1860 Church of the Sacred Heart (City of Edinburgh) Built
1860 David Dale Owen died - A founder of the US Geological Survey
1860 Donald Alexander Matheson born - Engineer and railwayman
1860 Dr. Thomas Bassett Macaulay born - Canadian actuary, who became a generous philanthropist
1860 Edward Arthur Walton (E.A. Walton) born - Painter, who became one of the 'Glasgow Boys'
1860 George Hamilton-Gordon (4th Earl of Aberdeen) died - Politician and British Prime Minister
1860 George Rennie died - Artist, politician and governor
1860 Glengorm Castle (Argyll and Bute) Built
1860 Harperrig Reservoir (West Lothian) Opened
1860 Henry Moubray Cadell born - Scientist and industrialist
1860 Hugh MacDonald died - Author, poet, naturalist and chartist
1860 Inauguration of the Open Golf Championship
1860 James Andrew Broun Ramsay (Marquis and 10th Earl of Dalhousie) died - Politician and statesman
1860 James Barr died - Composer
1860 James Braid died - Surgeon and pioneer in the field of hypnosis
1860 James Miller born - Architect
1860 James Wilson died - Politician, banker and founder of The Economist
1860 John Adrian Louis Hope (7th Earl of Hopetoun; 1st Marquis of Linlithgow) born - Politician
1860 John George Bartholomew born - Cartographer
1860 John Scott Haldane born - Respiratory physiologist
1860 John Sinclair (Lord Pentland) born - Politician and statesman
1860 Maybole Railway Station (South Ayrshire) Opened
1860 Prof. John Lizars died - Surgeon
1860 Prof. Sir D'Arcy Thompson born - Renowned zoologist
1860 Sir Alexander Stevenson born - Edinburgh politician
1860 Sir George Simpson died - Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company in Canada, who became known as the father of the Canadian fur trade
1860 Sir James Matthew Barrie (J.M. Barrie) born - Author and playwright
1860 Sir Ronald Craufurd Munro-Ferguson (Viscount Novar of Raith) born - Governor-General of Australia
1860 Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane died - Soldier and astronomer
1860 Thomas Alexander died - Military physician
1860 Thomas Cochrane (10th Earl of Dundonald) died - Naval commander
1860 Walter Wilfrid Blackie born - Publisher
1860 Westerkirk Library (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1860 William Tassie died - Glass engraver and portraitist
1861 Balmory Hall (Argyll and Bute) Built
1861 Big Water of Fleet Viaduct (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1861 Coltbridge Viaduct (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1861 David Couper Thomson born - Publisher
1861 Donald Murchison's Monument (Highland) Erected
1861 Field Marshal Douglas Haig (Earl Haig of Bemersyde) born - Military commander
1861 Isabella (Ella) Robertson Christie born - Redoubtable traveller, explorer, authoress and gardener
1861 James Anderson died - Engineer and land surveyor
1861 James Braidwood died - Pioneering fire-fighter
1861 Joseph Crawhall born - Painter
1861 McArthur's Head Lighthouse (Argyll and Bute) Built
1861 Prof. Andrew Cowper Lawson born - Geologist
1861 Prof. William Cunningham died - Church leader and Calvinist theologian, noted for his keen intellect and strong principles
1861 Rear Admiral Robert Aitchison died - Naval commander
1861 Robert Bald died - Surveyor and mining engineer
1861 Robert Finnie McEwen born - Advocate, land-owner and patron of the arts
1861 Sir John Forbes died - Physician
1861 Sir William Burrell born - An eccentric ship-owner and compulsive collector of art and antiques
1861 Tarf Bridge (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1861 The Queen's Well (Angus) Erected
1861 Thomas Nelson (Thomas Neilson) died - Publisher
1861 Torry Point Battery (Aberdeen City) Built
1861 William Lyon Mackenzie died - Politician and radical
1862 (James) Stuart Park born - Artist
1862 Airdrie Railway Station (North Lanarkshire) Opened
1862 Anderson High School (Shetland) Built
1862 Andrew Fisher born - Politician and Australian Prime Minister
1862 Armadale Railway Station (West Lothian) Opened
1862 Ayr Cemetery (South Ayrshire) Opened
1862 Barns Viaduct (Scottish Borders) Opened
1862 Beauly Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1862 Butt of Lewis Lighthouse (Western Isles) Built
1862 Caldercruix Railway Station (North Lanarkshire) Opened
1862 Conon Bridge Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1862 Conon Railway Bridge (Highland) Opened
1862 Dingwall Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1862 Dr. James Curle born - Solicitor and archaeologist
1862 Dr. Robert Knox died - Anatomist
1862 Drummuir Railway Station (Moray) Opened
1862 Dufftown Railway Station (Moray) Opened
1862 Elizabeth Crichton (Elizabeth Grierson) died - Founder of the Crichton Royal Hospital in Dumfries
1862 Elizabeth Sanderson Haldane born - Authoress and reformer
1862 Euphemia (Effie) Ritchie (Euphemia Thompson) born - Designer and jewellery maker
1862 Far North Line (Highland) Opened
1862 Helen Bannerman born - Author
1862 Holburn Head Lighthouse (Highland) Built
1862 Irvine Townhouse (North Ayrshire) Opened
1862 James Bowman Lindsay died - Born in Carmyllie, near Arbroath, Lindsay was a visionary and pioneer in the field of electricity
1862 John Campbell Mitchell born - Artist
1862 Keith Town Railway Station (Moray) Opened
1862 Muir of Ord Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1862 Oran Mor (Glasgow City) Built
1862 Prince Albert's Cairn (Aberdeenshire) Erected
1862 Princess Alice's Cairn (Aberdeenshire) Erected
1862 Prof. (Henry) Harvey Littlejohn born - Forensic scientist
1862 Saughtree Railway Station (Scottish Borders) Opened
1862 Shankend Viaduct (Scottish Borders) Opened
1862 Sir Dhunjibhoy Bomanji born - Indian businessman and philanthropist
1862 Sir James Clark Ross died - Antarctic explorer
1862 Sir William Peck born - 'City Astronomer' and scientific instrument maker
1862 St Abbs Head Lighthouse (Scottish Borders) Built
1862 Stranraer Railway Station (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1862 The Palace Theatre and Grand Hall (East Ayrshire) Built
1862 Thomas Morton died - Engineer and inventor
1862 Vice Admiral Robert Wauchope died - Inventor and naval commander
1862 Whitrope Rail Heritage Centre (Scottish Borders) Opened
1862 William (Willie) Campbell born - Golfer, golf course architect and club-maker
1862 William Gordon Burn Murdoch born - Artist and explorer
1862 Winchburgh Railway Disaster
1863 Alan Alexander Campbell-Swinton born - Engineer
1863 Alexander Henry Rhind died - Egyptologist
1863 Alness Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1863 Angus Mor MacAskill (Aonghas Mor MacAsgaill) died - The Cape Breton Giant
1863 Ardvourlie Castle (Western Isles) Built
1863 Aviemore Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1863 Balhousie Castle (Perth and Kinross) Built
1863 Ballindalloch Bridge (Moray) Opened
1863 Baxter Park (Dundee City) Created
1863 Bearsden Railway Station (East Dunbartonshire) Opened
1863 Blair Atholl Railway Station (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1863 Broomhill Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1863 Charles Wilson died - Architect
1863 Coatbridge Sunnyside Railway Station (North Lanarkshire) Opened
1863 Court Residence (West Lothian) Built
1863 Dalwhinnie Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1863 Divie Viaduct (Moray) Opened
1863 Drummond Pleasure Ground (Stirling) Created
1863 Evanton Station (Highland) Opened
1863 Field Marshall Sir Colin Campbell (Lord Clyde) died - Outstanding soldier
1863 George Rainy died - Merchant and plantation owner
1863 James Andrew Anderson died - Banker
1863 James Bruce (8th Earl of Elgin; 12th Earl of Kincardine) died - Statesman
1863 James Smith died - Builder and architect
1863 Killiecrankie Viaduct (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1863 Kingussie Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1863 Lamington Viaduct (South Lanarkshire) Opened
1863 Mary Lily Walker born - Social reformer
1863 Milngavie Railway Station (East Dunbartonshire) Opened
1863 Neidpath Viaduct (Scottish Borders) Opened
1863 New Register House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1863 Newtonmore Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1863 Pitlochry Railway Station (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1863 Polmaise Castle (Stirling) Built
1863 The Caf Royal (City of Edinburgh) Built
1863 Tomnahurich Cemetery (Highland) Opened
1863 Trinity Church (North Ayrshire) Built
1863 Violet Jacob born - Poet and author
1863 Walter Newall died - Architect
1863 Websters (Glasgow City) Built
1863 William Alexander Anthony Archibald Douglas-Hamilton (11th Duke of Hamilton, 8th Duke of Brandon) died - Nobleman
1863 William Chadwell Mylne died - Engineer
1863 William Irvine born - Presbyterian evangelist
1863 William Robert Ogilvie-Grant born - Ornithologist
1864 Ardgay Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1864 Cameronians Monument (Dumfries and Galloway) Erected
1864 Catherine Sinclair died - Novelist and philanthropist
1864 Christ Church (Falkirk) Built
1864 Cosmo Gordon Lang (Baron Lang of Lambeth) born - Archbishop of Canterbury
1864 Cowan's Paper Warehouse (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1864 David Roberts died - Painter
1864 David Stow died - Education pioneer
1864 Edward Atkinson Hornel born - Artist, noted for his paintings of rural scenes
1864 Elizabeth Gordon (Duchess of Gordon, 'The Good Duchess') died - Noted for her charitable works
1864 Elsie Inglis born - A leading surgeon and suffragette
1864 Fearn Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1864 James Frederick Ferrier died - Philosopher and academic
1864 John Ramsay McCulloch died - Economist
1864 Kirkwynd Bridge (Scottish Borders) Opened
1864 Lady Emma Alice Margaret (Margot) Asquith (Margot Tennant; Countess of Oxford and Asquith) born - Society hostess and wit
1864 Leonard Horner died - Social reformer and geologist
1864 Monach Lighthouse (Western Isles) Built
1864 Monteath Mausoleum (Scottish Borders) Erected
1864 Neidpath Tunnel (Scottish Borders) Built
1864 Neil Munro (Hugh Foulis) born - Novelist and Journalist
1864 Prince Albert Statue (Perth and Kinross) Erected
1864 Prof. James Pillans died - Academic and educational reformer
1864 Rev. Dr. John Anderson died - Clergyman and scientist
1864 Riddings Viaduct (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1864 Sir (John) Ninian Comper born - Church architect
1864 Sir Alexander Grant (Sir Alexander Grant of Forres) born - Biscuit manufacturer, who is said to have invented the digestive biscuit in 1892
1864 Sir John Watson Gordon died - Painter
1864 Sir Robert Stodart Lorimer born - An architect noted for his restoration of castles, and his promotion Arts and Crafts style in Scotland
1864 Sir Rosslyn Wemyss (Baron Wester Wemyss) born - Noble and naval officer
1864 Sir Thomas (Tommy) Dewar (Lord Dewar) born - Whisky Baron
1864 Tain Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1864 Tay Viaduct (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1864 William (Willie) Park (Junior) born - Golfing champion, businessman and noted golf course designer
1864 William Baird died - Industrialist and politician
1864 William Campbell died - International trader and philanthropist
1865 Alan Stevenson died - Lighthouse Engineer
1865 Alexander Fraser died - Painter
1865 Alexander Malcomson born - Businessman and co-founder of the Ford Motor Company
1865 Balgray Reservoir (East Renfrewshire) Opened
1865 Balintore Castle (Angus) Built
1865 Castlemilk (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1865 Clydebridge Viaduct (Glasgow City) Opened
1865 Coatbridge Campus of New College Lanarkshire (North Lanarkshire) Established
1865 Colonel Patrick Stewart died - Engineer
1865 Cox's Stack (Dundee City) Built
1865 David Gauld born - Artist
1865 Dunlossit House (Argyll and Bute) Built
1865 Frederick McAdam Cathcart died - Diplomat and soldier
1865 Hawick Heritage Hub (Scottish Borders) Built
1865 Henry (Harry) Snell Gamley (H.S. Gamley) born - Sculptor
1865 Inverewe Garden (Highland) Created
1865 James Beaumont Neilson died - Inventor and industrialist
1865 James Miranda Barry died - Army surgeon and, through deception, the world's first female doctor
1865 Last Public Execution in Scotland
1865 Leaderfoot Viaduct (Scottish Borders) Opened
1865 North Water Viaduct (Aberdeenshire) Opened
1865 Princess Beatrice's Cairn (Aberdeenshire) Erected
1865 Prof. William Edmondstoune Aytoun died - Poet, author and critic
1865 Pullar House (Perth and Kinross) Built
1865 Sir John Richardson died - Naturalist and explorer
1865 Sir William Jackson Hooker died - Botanist and first Director of Kew Gardens (London)
1865 Wemyss Bay Railway Station and Ferry Terminal (Inverclyde) Opened
1865 Whifflet Line (North Lanarkshire) Opened
1865 William (Willie) Dunn (Junior) born - Innovative golfer and golf-course designer, who is said to have had a profound effect on the development of the sport in the USA
1865 William Gillies (Liam Mac Gille Iosa) born - Nationalist
c.1866 Dunfermline Public Park (Fife) Created
1866 (Helen) Beatrix Potter born - English authoress and illustrator
1866 (James) Ramsay MacDonald born - Politician and British Prime Minister
1866 Alexander Ormiston Curle (A.O. Curle) born - Archaeologist and museum administrator
1866 Archibald (Archie) Simpson born - Golfer and golf course designer
1866 Auskerry Lighthouse (Orkney) Built
1866 Baillieston Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1866 Buccleuch Parish Church (City of Edinburgh) Built
1866 Busby Junction (Glasgow City) Opened
1866 Busby Railway Station (East Renfrewshire) Opened
1866 Charles MacLaren died - Editor
1866 Chatelherault Railway Station (South Lanarkshire) Opened
1866 Church of St James the Great (Fife) Built
1866 Clarkston Railway Station (East Renfrewshire) Opened
1866 Cloisters Bar (City of Edinburgh) Built
1866 Clunes Lodge (Perth and Kinross) Built
1866 Dumfries Sheriff Court (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1866 Duncraig Castle (Highland) Built
1866 Giffnock Railway Station (East Renfrewshire) Opened
1866 High Street Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1866 James Petrie Chalmers (J.P. Chalmers) born - Film and publishing entrepreneur
1866 Jane Welsh Carlyle died - Literary figure, whose intelligence, personality and wit made her one of the most fascinating women of her time
1866 John Graham Gilbert (John Graham) died - Portrait painter and colourist
1866 John McDouall Stuart died - Explorer and Surveyor of Australia
1866 Marion Angus born - Minor poet
1866 Maule Monument (Angus) Erected
1866 Mount Vernon Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1866 National Museum of Scotland (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1866 New Cumnock Railway Station (East Ayrshire) Opened
1866 Norman Macleod died - Religious leader
1866 Old Royal Station (Aberdeenshire) Opened
1866 Partick Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1866 Peden's Stone (North Lanarkshire) Erected
1866 Princess Helena's Cairn (Aberdeenshire) Erected
1866 Prof. William Macneile Dixon born - Poet and scholar of the English language
1866 Robert Broom born - Palaeontologist
1866 Robert Dick died - Self-taught natural historian
1866 Robert Foulis died - Engineer, entrepreneur and inventor
1866 Sir John Stirling Maxwell born - Wealthy landowner, who became a founder member of the National Trust for Scotland
1866 Sir Murdoch Macdonald born - Civil engineer and politician
1866 St Aloysius' College (Glasgow City) Built
1866 The Cottiers Theatre (Glasgow City) Built
1866 Waverley Gate (City of Edinburgh) Built
1866 William Dick died - Pioneer of veterinary education in Scotland and founder of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Science
1866 William Thomson Neill born - Surveyor
1867 Alexander "Scottie" Alan born - 'King of the Arctic Trail' who began the sport of dog-sled racing in Alaska
1867 Alexander Brodie died - Sculptor
1867 Alexander Gibb died - Engineer
1867 Andrew Reid born - Industrialist
1867 Broomieknowe Tunnel (Midlothian) Opened
1867 Harold Segerson Mahony born - Scottish-Irish tennis player
1867 Horatio McCulloch died - Landscape painter
1867 Inverkip Railway Station (Inverclyde) Opened
1867 John Strachan died - First Bishop of Toronto
1867 Lasswade Viaduct (Midlothian) Opened
1867 Percy Sinclair Pilcher born - Engineer and pioneer of unpowered flight
1867 Prof. John Goodsir died - Anatomist and medical scientist
1867 Robert Paterson born - Turriff farmer associated with the revolt against Lloyd George's National Health Insurance scheme
1867 Salisbury Green (City of Edinburgh) Built
1867 Sir John Auld Mactaggart of King's Park born - Builder and philanthropist
1867 Sumburgh Hotel (Shetland) Built
1867 The McManus (Dundee City) Built
1867 Theatre Royal (Glasgow City) Opened
1867 Thomas Binnie died - Builder, property developer and philanthropist
1867 William Speirs Bruce born - Oceanographer and Polar Explorer
c.1868 Helensburgh No.1 Reservoir (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1868 (James) Herbert MacNair born - Architect and designer
1868 Amhuinnsuidhe Castle (Western Isles) Built
1868 Andrew Strath died - Golf champion
1868 Arthur Anderson died - Ship owner
1868 Captain Robert Falcon Scott born - Antarctic explorer, who died returning from the South Pole in 1912
1868 Catherine Sinclair Monument (City of Edinburgh) Erected
1868 Charles Rennie Mackintosh born - Architect and designer
1868 Clenries Reservoir (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1868 Crieff Hydro (Perth and Kinross) Built
1868 Dr. John Crawfurd died - Colonial administrator and orientalist
1868 East Kilbride Railway Station (South Lanarkshire) Opened
1868 General Sir Thomas Monteath Douglas died - Soldier
1868 Glasgow Climbing Centre (Glasgow City) Built
1868 Golspie Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1868 Hairmyres Railway Station (South Lanarkshire) Opened
1868 Hamish MacCunn born - Composer
1868 Henry Peter Brougham (1st Baron Brougham and Vaux) died - Inventor, lawyer and politician
1868 Invershin Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1868 James Connolly born - Irish nationalist and socialist
1868 John Alexander Carfrae born - Architect
1868 Kenneth Mackenzie Clark born - Thread manufacturer
1868 Lairg Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1868 Lochinch Castle (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1868 Neilly McCallum born - Footballer
1868 Oykel Viaduct (Highland) Opened
1868 Princess' Cairn (Highland) Erected
1868 Prof. James David Forbes died - Physicist and traveller
1868 Rogart Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1868 Sir David Brewster died - Physicist
1868 St Mary's Monastery (Perth and Kinross) Built
1868 The Old Sheriff Court (Falkirk) Built
1868 Thorntonhall Railway Station (South Lanarkshire) Opened
1868 Waverley Railway Station (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1868 Woodburn Reservoir (East Dunbartonshire) Opened
1869 Auchencastle (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1869 Breich Railway Station (West Lothian) Opened
1869 Caledonian Brewery (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1869 Craigluscar West Reservoir (Fife) Opened
1869 Dalmoak Castle (West Dunbartonshire) Built
1869 David Napier died - Marine engineer
1869 George Douglas Brown born - Author
1869 George Houston born - Landscape artist
1869 Glengarry Castle Hotel (Highland) Built
1869 Inverness Cathedral (Highland) Built
1869 James Alexander Gordon died - Admiral
1869 James Eckford Lauder died - Historical and landscape painter
1869 John Elder died - Marine engineer and ship-builder
1869 John Wheatley born - Socialist politician and leading 'Red Clydesider'
1869 Kingston House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1869 Loch Indaal Lighthouse (Argyll and Bute) Built
1869 Longcroft Hall (West Lothian) Built
1869 Margaret Stuart Hamilton Tyndall-Bruce died - Heiress and landowner
1869 Newhaven Lighthouse (City of Edinburgh) Built
1869 Penninghame House (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1869 Rev. Patrick Bell died - Invented the reaping machine which was a direct precursor of the modern combine harvester
1869 Robert Scott Lauder died - Painter
1869 Shotts Line (West Lothian) Opened
1869 Shotts Railway Station (North Lanarkshire) Opened
1869 Sir John Smith Flett born - Geologist
1869 St Andrew's Episcopal Church (Scottish Borders) Built
1869 The Falconer Museum (Moray) Opened
1869 The National Wallace Monument (Stirling) Erected
1869 Thomas Graham died - Chemist
1869 Union Street Tunnel (Inverclyde) Built
1869 West Calder Railway Station (West Lothian) Opened
1869 William Henry (W.H.) Ogilvie born - Poet and writer
1869 William Reynolds died - One of the first winners of the Victoria Cross
1870 Achanalt Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1870 Achnasheen Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1870 Achnashellach Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1870 Alexander Handyside Ritchie died - Sculptor
1870 Arlington Baths Club (Glasgow City) Opened
1870 Attadale Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1870 Bellgrove Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1870 Broadstone Castle (Inverclyde) Built
1870 Cartsdyke Railway Station (Inverclyde) Opened
1870 Covenanters' Monument and Communion Stones (Dumfries and Galloway) Erected
1870 Cragganmore Distillery (Moray) Opened
1870 Culrain Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1870 David Octavius Hill died - Pioneer of photography
1870 David Waterson born - Artist
1870 Dunrobin Castle Railway Station (Highland) Built
1870 Edwin John Alexander born - Watercolourist
1870 Fettes College (City of Edinburgh) Established
1870 Frederick (Freddie) Guthrie Tait born - Golfer
1870 Garve Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1870 Gilbert Scott Building (Glasgow City) Built
1870 Glenapp Castle (South Ayrshire) Built
1870 Hunterian Museum (Glasgow City) Built
1870 Inverness Victorian Market (Highland) Opened
1870 James Archibald died - Railway engineer
1870 James Braid born - Golfer and golf course designer
1870 James Syme died - Surgeon
1870 James William Giles died - Landscape artist
1870 John Anderson died - Merchant and banker
1870 Kildalton Castle (Argyll and Bute) Built
1870 Killin Junction Station (Stirling) Opened
1870 Kyle of Lochalsh Line (Highland) Opened
1870 Mormond Stag (Aberdeenshire) Erected
1870 Old Rome Bridge (East Ayrshire) Opened
1870 Prince Arthur's Cairn (Aberdeenshire) Erected
1870 Rev. Archibald (Archie) Eneas Robertson (A. E. Robertson) born - Munro-bagger
1870 Rev. Prof. James Moffatt born - Ecclesiastical historian
1870 Rowbank Reservoir (Renfrewshire) Opened
1870 Selkirk Sheriff Court (Scottish Borders) Built
1870 Sir George Bullough born - Wealthy industrialist
1870 Sir Harry Lauder born - Singer and music hall entertainer
1870 Sir James Young Simpson died - Obstetrician and pioneer in the field of anaesthetics
1870 Smollett Fountain (West Dunbartonshire) Erected
1870 St Leonard's Hall (City of Edinburgh) Built
1870 Strathcarron Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1870 Stromeferry Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1870 Stromness Academy (Orkney) Established
1870 William Burn died - Architect
1870 William Schomberg Robert Kerr (8th Marquess of Lothian) died - Noble
1871 Albert Bridge (Glasgow City) Opened
1871 Alexander Keith Johnston died - Cartographer, publisher and geographer
1871 Andrew Bannatyne died - Politician, lawyer and businessman
1871 Arabella Louisa Rankin born - Minor artist
1871 Balgay Cemetery (Dundee City) Opened
1871 Balgay Park (Dundee City) Created
1871 Bargeddie Railway Station (North Lanarkshire) Opened
1871 Blairhill Railway Station (North Lanarkshire) Opened
1871 Brora Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1871 Charles Alexander Bruce died - Father of the Indian tea industry
1871 Clermiston Tower (City of Edinburgh) Built
1871 Coatdyke Railway Station (North Lanarkshire) Opened
1871 Dr. (William) Baird Ross born - Organist and composer
1871 Easterhouse Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1871 George Udny Yule born - Pioneering statistician
1871 Glasgow Botanic Garden (Glasgow City) Created
1871 James Burns died - Ship-owner
1871 James Newlands died - Visionary sanitation engineer
1871 John George Stewart-Murray (8th Duke of Atholl) born - Military commander and politician
1871 John Joy Bell (J.J. Bell) born - Author
1871 John Wood died - Explorer
1871 Lochluichart Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1871 Princess Louise's Cairn (Aberdeenshire) Erected
1871 Robert Chambers died - Publisher, author and natural philosopher
1871 Samuel John Peploe born - Impressionist painter, particularly noted for his still-life works
1871 Shettleston Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1871 Sir Roderick Impey Murchison died - Geologist and geographer
1871 Sir Thomas Duncan Rhind born - Architect, volunteer soldier and civil servant
1871 Stewarton Railway Station (East Ayrshire) Opened
1871 The Eastgate Theatre & Arts Centre (Scottish Borders) Built
1871 Victoria Park (Dundee City) Created
1871 William Angus born - Scientist and politician
1871 William Paterson Turnbull died - American ornithologist
1871 First Rugby International between Scotland and England
1871 Edinburgh's first tram began operation
1872 Andrew Greig Barr born - Father of Irn Bru
1872 Ca' D'Oro (Glasgow City) Built
1872 Caldrum Works (Dundee City) Opened
1872 Chapel of St Lesmo (Aberdeenshire) Built
1872 David Kirkwood (1st Lord Kirkwood of Bearsden) born - Policitian, who was one of the Red Clydesiders
1872 Dean Edward Bannerman Burnett Ramsay died - Clergyman
1872 Dr. Edward Adrian Wilson born - English explorer and scientist
1872 George Balfour born - Engineer and politician
1872 Glen Tanar House (Aberdeenshire) Built
1872 Greig Institute (Fife) Established
1872 Greyfriars' Bobby (City of Edinburgh) Erected
1872 Gryfe No.1 Reservoir (Inverclyde) Opened
1872 Gryfe No.2 Reservoir (Inverclyde) Opened
1872 Mary MacDougal Macdonald died - Gaelic hymn-writer and poet
1872 Mary Somerville died - Mathematician and scientist, born in Jedburgh, the daughter of a naval officer (Vice-Admiral Sir William Fairfax)
1872 Old Surgical Hospital (City of Edinburgh) Built / Opened
1872 Prof. Alexander MacPhail born - Anatomist
1872 Quartermile (City of Edinburgh) Built
1872 Rangers Football Club Founded
1872 Rev. Hew Scott died - Ecclesiastical editor
1872 Rev. Norman MacLeod died - Theologian, prodigious author and social reformer
1872 Robert Brough born - Artist
1872 Scottish Football Association Founded
1872 Sir Alexander Gibb born - Civil engineer
1872 Sir David Baxter died - Textiles manufacturer and benefactor
1872 William John Macquorn Rankine died - Engineer and physicist
1872 William Miller died - The Laureate of the Nursery
1873 Charles Lawson died - Botanist and Traveller
1873 Cockburn Geological Museum (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1873 Cononish Viaduct (Stirling) Opened
1873 Culag Hotel (Highland) Built
1873 David Livingstone died - Explorer and medical missionary
1873 Frances MacDonald born - Artist and designer
1873 George Forrest born - Botanist
1873 Hagdale Horse Mill (Shetland) Closed
1873 Helmsdale Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1873 Ibrox Stadium (Glasgow City) Opened
1873 James Robert Hope-Scott died - Tractarian and barrister
1873 James Salmon born - Architect
1873 James Stevenson (Baron Stevenson of Holmbury) born - Businessman and civil servant
1873 John Blackie died - Publisher and politician
1873 John Stuart Mill died - English utilitarian philosopher
1873 John Waldegrave Blyth born - Industrialist and art collector
1873 Kilmaurs Railway Station (East Ayrshire) Opened
1873 Louis Agassiz died - Geologist and zoologist
1873 Luib Station (Stirling) Opened
1873 Newton Railway Station (South Lanarkshire) Opened
1873 Rev. Dr. Thomas Guthrie died - Social reformer and founder of the Free Church
1873 Rev. Prof. Robert Smith Candlish died - Free Church leader
1873 Robert William Thomson died - Engineer and Inventor
1873 Roman Catholic Church of St Mary and St Finnan (Highland) Built
1873 Scottish Borders Campus (Scottish Borders) Built
1873 South Breakwater (Aberdeen City) Opened
1873 Thomas Bonnar died - Interior designer
1873 Threave House (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1873 Turnberry Lighthouse (South Ayrshire) Built
1873 Tyndrum Lower Railway Station (Stirling) Opened
1874 Adam Black died - Publisher
1874 Alexander Dennistoun died - Cotton trader
1874 Altnabreac Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1874 Anniesland Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1874 Colinton Tunnel (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1874 Dysart Parish Church (Fife) Built
1874 Forsinard Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1874 Fox Maule Ramsay (11th Earl of Dalhousie; 2nd Lord Panmure) died - Politician
1874 Georgemas Junction (Highland) Opened
1874 Granton Lighthouse (City of Edinburgh) Built
1874 Henry Glassford Bell died - Author and lawyer
1874 Henry Scott Riddell Monument (Scottish Borders) Erected
1874 Invergordon Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1874 James Gall died - Publisher, inventor of a system of print for the blind and a notable map projection
1874 John Duncan Fergusson (J.D. Fergusson) born - Painter
1874 Katherine Marjory Murray (Duchess of Atholl; Marchioness of Tulliebardine) born - Politician
1874 Kildonan Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1874 Kinbrace Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1874 Launceston Elliot born - Claimed as Scotland's first Olympic medal winner, although Elliot never lived in Scotland
1874 Neil Arnott died - Inventor, natural philosopher and physician
1874 Pinmore Tunnel (South Ayrshire) Opened
1874 Robert W. Service born - Poet and author
1874 Rosslynlee Hospital (Midlothian) Built / Opened
1874 Scotscalder Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1874 Sir Hugh Roberton born - Conductor and composer
1874 Sir Reginald Fleming Johnston born - Academic, diplomat and tutor to the last Emperor of China
1874 Sir William Fairbairn died - Engineer
1874 Sir Winston Churchill born - Prime Minister, wartime leader and outstanding orator
1874 Smith Art Gallery & Museum (Stirling) Built
1874 Stephen Mitchell died - Tobacco manufacturer and philanthropist
1874 The Earthquake House (Perth and Kinross) Built
1874 The Fountain (Perth and Kinross) Erected
1874 Thomas Anderson died - Organic chemist
1874 Thurso Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1874 Town House (Aberdeen City) Opened
1874 Wick Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1874 William Alexander Agnew born - Mechanical engineer
c.1875 A. Stewart Cruikshank born - Theatre impresario
c.1875 Helensburgh No.2 Reservoir (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1875 (Robert) Douglas Strachan born - Stained glass artist
1875 Aleister Crowley (Edward Alexander Crowley) born - Hedonist, influential satanist, cult leader and mountaineer, who was described by the press as the 'Wickedest Man in the World'
1875 Alexander 'Greek' Thomson died - Architect
1875 Ascog Hall (Argyll and Bute) Created
1875 County Buildings (Shetland) Built
1875 Daniel Lizars died - Engraver, printer and publisher
1875 Edward Meldrum died - Oil shale magnate
1875 Frederick (Fred) Pattison Pullar born - Amateur scientist
1875 General Sir James Hope Grant died - Soldier
1875 Jessie Marion King born - Illustrator
1875 John Buchan (1st Baron Tweedsmuir) born - Author, biographer and politician
1875 John Hughes Bennett died - Physiologist
1875 John Matthew born - Architect
1875 Kilmarnock Cemetery (East Ayrshire) Opened
1875 Lochmaddy Sheriff Court (Western Isles) Built
1875 Longmore House (City of Edinburgh) Built / Opened
1875 Polmadie Depot (Glasgow City) Opened
1875 Rev. John Wilson died - Missionary, who made significant contributions to the study of Indian languages and literature
1875 Sir Charles Lyell died - Influential geologist
1875 Sir William Edmond Logan died - Geologist
1875 Sir William Wright Smith born - Botanist and plant hunter
1875 Southfield House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1875 St Joseph's College (Dumfries and Galloway) Established
1875 Suspension Bridge (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1875 Tommy Morris (Young Tom) died - Golfer
1875 Wanlockhead Beam Engine (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1875 William Dingwall Fordyce died - Politician and landowner
1876 (James) Eric Drummond (16th Earl of Perth) born - Diplomat and politician
1876 (John) Rooke Corbett born - Mountaineer
1876 Beattie Court (Argyll and Bute) Built
1876 Cecilia (Cissie) Loftus born - Broadway actress, singer and mimic
1876 Christian (Chris) Jane Fergusson (Christian Stark; Christina Stark) born - One of the 'Glasgow Girls' group of artists
1876 Culsh Monument (Aberdeenshire) Erected
1876 David Bryce died - Prodigious and influential architect
1876 George Hay (8th Marquess of Tweeddale) died - Soldier
1876 George Manson died - Painter
1876 Hamilton Central Railway Station (South Lanarkshire) Opened
1876 James Baird died - Foundryman and industrialist
1876 James Craufurd (James Crawford, Lord Ardmillan) died - Judge
1876 James McKay died - Sea captain and early Mayor of the City of Tampa in Florida
1876 James Paterson died - Journalist and author
1876 Laurence Niven (Lawrence Niven) died - Horticulturalist and gardener
1876 Patrick Shirreff died - Farmer and pioneer of cereal hybridisation
1876 Prince Albert Memorial (City of Edinburgh) Erected
1876 Robert Napier died - Engineer and pioneer of ship-building on the River Clyde
1876 Robert Smyth McColl born - Footballer and corner-shop entrepreneur
1876 Ronald Orr born - Footballer
1876 Scalloway Primary School (Shetland) Established
1876 Sir Herbert Nigel Gresley born - Railway engineer
1876 Sir James Campbell died - Merchant, who became Lord Provost of Glasgow
1876 Sir John Gilmour born - Politician
1876 Sir Muirhead Bone born - Artist
1876 Tiree High School (Argyll and Bute) Established
1876 Vogrie House (Midlothian) Built
1876 Western Baths Club (Glasgow City) Opened
1876 Dee Ferry Boat Disaster
1877 Alexander Bain died - Inventor
1877 Alexandra Parade (Glasgow City) Opened
1877 Anna Buchan (O. Douglas) born - Author
1877 Barrhill Railway Station (South Ayrshire) Opened
1877 Brodie Park (Renfrewshire) Created
1877 Captain Alexander Rodger died - Sea captain and adventurer
1877 Clydebridge Steelworks (South Lanarkshire) Opened
1877 Clydeside Distillery (Glasgow City) Built
1877 Corrour Bothy (Aberdeenshire) Built / Opened
1877 Dalmally Railway Station (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1877 David Urquhart died - Diplomat, who brought the 'Turkish Bath' to Britain
1877 Dr. Robert Lee died - Pioneering gynaecologist
1877 Dunfermline Town Railway Station (Fife) Opened
1877 Falshaw Bridge (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1877 George Cornet born - Olympic champion
1877 Girvan Railway Station (South Ayrshire) Opened
1877 Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St Luke (Glasgow City) Built
1877 Inverkeithing Railway Station (Fife) Opened
1877 James Ballantine (James Ballington) died - Artist, poet and author
1877 James Bryce died - Ulster-Scots school teacher and geologist
1877 James Merry died - Industrialist and politician
1877 Mitchell Library (Glasgow City) Established
1877 Norman Leslie (19th Earl of Rothes) born - Noble and soldier
1877 Portobello Cemetery (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1877 Prof. Charles Glover Barkla born - Physicist and Nobel laureate
1877 Prof. Thomas Renton Elliott born - Medical scientist
1877 Robert Dale Owen died - Social reformer and anti-slavery campaigner
1877 Sir William Ferguson died - Surgeon
1877 St Margaret's Head Tunnel (Fife) Opened
1877 Succouth Viaduct (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1877 The Glasgow Academy (Glasgow City) Built
1877 The Mitchell Theatre (Glasgow City) Built
1877 Thomas (Tommy) Arthur Nelson born - Publisher
1877 Wemyss School of Needlework (Fife) Opened
1877 Wick, Bridge of (Highland) Opened
1877 William Alexander Baxter born - Entrepreneur
1877 William Beardmore died - Engineer
1877 William Douglas Weir (1st Viscount Weir) born - Industrialist
1877 First Blantyre Mining Disaster
c.1878 Camperdown Tunnel (Dundee City) Opened
c.1878 Portmore Loch (Scottish Borders) Opened
1878 (Richard) Harold Barnwell born - Aircraft pioneer
1878 Alistair Forbes-Mackay born - Navy surgeon who reached the Magnetic South Pole (as part of Shackleton's expedition) in 1909, three years before Amundsen and Scott reached the Geographical South Pole
1878 Ardoe House (Aberdeenshire) Built
1878 Ballochbuie Purchase Cairn (Aberdeenshire) Erected
1878 Bishop's Palace (Highland) Built
1878 Bogston Railway Station (Inverclyde) Opened
1878 David Cousin died - Architect
1878 Drumintoul Lodge (Highland) Built
1878 Dunblane Hydro (Stirling) Built
1878 Dundee Railway Station (Dundee City) Opened
1878 Dunlop Railway Station (East Ayrshire) Opened
1878 Fairlie Railway Station (North Ayrshire) Opened
1878 Fauldhouse Railway Station (West Lothian) Opened
1878 Finlay Currie born - Character actor
1878 George Paul Chalmers (G.P. Chalmers) died - Painter, described as the Angus Rembrandt
1878 Isabella (Tibbie) Shiels died - Inn-keeper and Borders worthy
1878 James Ballantine born - Stained glass artist
1878 James McNab died - Plant-hunter, horticulturist and botanist
1878 John Pullar died - Entrepreneur and local politician
1878 John T. Rochead died - Architect
1878 Kilmarnock Railway Station (East Ayrshire) Opened
1878 Kirkpatrick Macmillan died - Inventor
1878 Louisa Jordan born - Nurse
1878 Lucy (Nol) Leslie (Countess of Rothes; Lucy Nol Dyer-Edwardes) born - Titanic survivor and philanthropist
1878 Morningside Cemetery (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1878 Percy Unna born - Environmentalist and philanthropist
1878 Rev. Robert Stirling died - Clergyman who made his name as an engineer, inventing the Stirling-cycle engine
1878 Samuel Bough died - Influential watercolourist
1878 Sir Francis Grant died - Painter
1878 Sir George Gilbert Scott died - English architect
1878 Sir James Matheson died - Trader and entrepreneur
1878 Sir William Stirling Maxwell died - Art connoisseur and collector
1878 Sir William Whyte born - Banker
1878 Thomas Thomson died - Naturalist, explorer and plant-hunter
1878 William (Willie) Dunn (Senior) died - Golfing champion and equipment manufacturer
1878 William (Willie) Law Anderson born - Golfer, who dominated the game in the USA in the first decade of the 20th C
c.1879 Knowesdean Reservoir (Scottish Borders) Opened
1879 (Alexander) Keith Johnston died - Geographer, explorer and publisher
1879 (George) Leslie Hunter (G.L. Hunter) born - Painter and landscapes and still-life
1879 Alexander George Robertson Mackenzie (A.G.R. Mackenzie) born - Architect
1879 Alexander James Adie died - Railway engineer
1879 Arthur 'Archie' James Robertson born - Athlete
1879 Bellshill Railway Station (North Lanarkshire) Opened
1879 Burns Monument Centre (East Ayrshire) Built
1879 Eric Campbell born - Actor
1879 Ferryden Viaduct (Angus) Opened
1879 Francis Cadell died - Explorer
1879 Gladhouse Reservoir (Midlothian) Opened
1879 Glasgow Central Railway Station (Glasgow City) Built
1879 Glenburn Reservoir (Renfrewshire) Opened
1879 James Black born - Clergyman
1879 James Clerk Maxwell died - Mathematician and physicist
1879 James Duff (5th Earl of Fife) died - Born in Edinburgh
1879 James Valentine died - Photographer and publisher
1879 John Menzies died - Bookseller and newsagent
1879 Kay Park (East Ayrshire) Created
1879 New Bridge (South Ayrshire) Opened
1879 Prof. James Nicol died - Geologist
1879 St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral (City of Edinburgh) Built
1879 Stantling Craig Reservoir (Scottish Borders) Opened
1879 Strathpeffer Spa Pavilion (Highland) Built
1879 The Old Burgh Buildings (Falkirk) Opened
1879 Thomas Clapperton born - Sculptor
1879 William Maxwell Aitken (1st Lord Beaverbrook) born - Newspaper tycoon and politician
1879 Second Blantyre Mining Disaster
1879 Tay Bridge Disaster
1880 Alexander Thompson died - Soldier
1880 Awe Viaduct (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1880 Connel Ferry Railway Station (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1880 Craiglockhart Campus (City of Edinburgh) Built
1880 David Hutcheson died - Ship owner
1880 Edgelaw Reservoir (Midlothian) Opened
1880 Francis George Scott born - Composer
1880 General Sir John Low died - Indian army commander
1880 George Brown died - Politician and a founding father of Canada, born and educated in Edinburgh
1880 Glensherup Reservoir (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1880 HM Prison Barlinnie (Glasgow City) Built
1880 Harperleas Reservoir (Fife) Opened
1880 Holytown Railway Station (North Lanarkshire) Opened
1880 John Boyd Orr (Lord Boyd Orr of Brechin) born - Nutritionist and Nobel Prize winner
1880 Loch Awe Railway Station (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1880 Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes born - Social Reformer, author, suffragette and scientist
1880 Oban Branch (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1880 Preston Watson born - Pioneer of flight
1880 Robert (Bertie) Charles Forbes born - Journalist and financier
1880 Robert Coltard (Robert Coltart) died - Confectionery manufacturer who penned a popular song
1880 Robert Dalglish died - Businessman and politician
1880 Robert Fortune died - Botanist and plant-hunter
1880 Sir Frank Mears born - Town planner and architect
1880 Sir Giles Gilbert Scott born - English architect
1880 Sir Thomas Bouch died - Engineer
1880 Sir William Russell Flint born - Popular artist and illustrator
1880 Taynuilt Railway Station (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1880 Thomas Corbett died - Merchant and philanthropist
1880 William McCombie died - Cattle breeder
1881 Admiral Sir James Hope died - Naval commander
1881 Bonskeid House (Perth and Kinross) Built
1881 Bruichladdich Distillery (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1881 Camphill Reservoir (North Ayrshire) Opened
1881 Charles Alfred Jarvis born - Heroic soldier, the first to win a Victoria Cross in World War I
1881 Collins Fountain (Glasgow City) Erected
1881 Dumbarton Public Library (West Dunbartonshire) Established
1881 George Bain born - Artist who became known as the father of modern Celtic design
1881 Greig Street Bridge (Highland) Opened
1881 James Shearer born - Architect
1881 James Williamson born - Engineer
1881 John Crichton-Stuart (4th Marquess of Bute) born - Conservationist of the built environment
1881 John Hill Burton died - Historian, writer and lawyer
1881 Montrose Railway Station (Angus) Opened
1881 Norman Ainsley born - Screen and stage actor
1881 Sir Alexander Fleming born - Medical Scientist
1881 Sir Robert Inglis born - Railway engineer and administrator
1881 Thomas (Tom) Johnston born - Politician
1881 Thomas Carlyle died - Writer, historian, philosopher and literary critic
1881 Thornliebank Railway Station (East Renfrewshire) Opened
1881 Victoria Bridge (Aberdeen City) Opened
1881 William (Willie) Gallacher born - Politician, trade unionist and Red Clydesider
1881 William Brodie died - Sculptor
1881 First Ever Women's Football Match
1881 Gloup Fishing Disaster
1881 Eyemouth Disaster
1882 (Albert Edward) Harry (Mayer Archibald) Primrose (6th Earl of Rosebery) born - Politician and sportsman
1882 (Jessie) Chrystal MacMillan born - Feminist and pacifist
1882 Addiewell Railway Station (West Lothian) Opened
1882 Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding (Lord Dowding of Bentley Priory) born - Air Force Commander
1882 Alexander Gardner died - Photographer, noted for his images of the American Civil War
1882 Archibald Campbell Tait died - Archbishop of Canterbury
1882 Beaufort Castle (Highland) Built
1882 Craigendoran Railway Station (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1882 Denny Ship Model Experiment Tank (West Dunbartonshire) Opened
1882 Donald Crisp born - Actor, film director and producer
1882 Drumsheugh Baths Club (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1882 Fairlie Tunnel (North Ayrshire) Opened
1882 Francis Maitland Balfour died - Embryologist
1882 Infirmary Bridge (Highland) Opened
1882 Inverness Town House (Highland) Built
1882 James Robb Scott born - Railway architect
1882 John Muir died - Orientalist
1882 John Scott Russell died - Engineer and pioneering naval architect
1882 Joseph Henry Maclagen Wedderburn born - Mathematician
1882 Mary Gordon (Mary Gilmour) born - Actress
1882 Philip Henry Kerr (11th Marquess of Lothian) born - Statesman, politician and diplomat
1882 Prince Leopold's Cairn (Aberdeenshire) Erected
1882 Prof. (Thomas) Graham Brown born - Mountaineer and neurophysiologist
1882 Sir Charles Wyville Thomson died - Oceanographer and marine biologist
1882 Sir Edward MacColl born - Engineer and pioneer of hydro-electricity in Scotland
1882 Sir Hugh Allan died - Ship-owner, who contributed significantly to the commercial development of Canada
1882 Sir John Anderson (1st Viscount Waverley) born - Administrator and Politician
1882 Sir Robert Christison died - Pioneering toxicologist
1882 South Esk Viaduct (Angus) Opened
1882 Stirling Arcade (Stirling) Built
1882 The Fountain (Dumfries and Galloway) Erected
1882 William Lambie Moffatt (William Moffat) died - Architect
1882 William Neilson died - Industrialist
1882 Yoker Railway Station (West Dunbartonshire) Opened
1883 Albert Halls (Stirling) Built
1883 Alexander Sutherland Neill (A.S. Neill) born - Radical educationalist
1883 Alfred (Alf) Webster born - Stained glass artist
1883 Ardrossan South Beach Railway Station (North Ayrshire) Opened
1883 Barnhill Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1883 Birnam Arts & Conference Centre (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1883 Bonnie Wee Well (Renfrewshire) Erected
1883 Bunnahabhain Distillery (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1883 Callander Tourist Information Centre (Stirling) Built
1883 David Rhind died - Architect
1883 Dr. Robert Moffat died - Missionary and explorer
1883 Duke Street Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1883 Dunfermline Carnegie Library (Fife) Established
1883 Duthie Park (Aberdeen City) Created
1883 Ebenezer Place (Highland) Constructed
1883 Eric Temple Bell born - Mathematician and author
1883 Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell (F.C.B. Cadell) born - Painter
1883 HM Prison Dumfries (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1883 Hutcheson's Monument (Argyll and Bute) Erected
1883 Islay Woollen Mill (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1883 James McBey born - Artist, noted for his etchings and dry point engravings
1883 James Young (James 'Paraffin' Young) died - Chemical Engineer
1883 Jessie Seymour Irvine died - Amateur composer, noted for a single tune
1883 John Brown died - Personal servant of Queen Victoria
1883 John Lessels died - Architect
1883 John Miller died - Pioneering railway engineer and politician
1883 John Zephaniah Bell died - Artist
1883 Joseph Mitchell died - Civil engineer
1883 Lerwick Town Hall (Shetland) Opened
1883 Margaret Agnes Bunn (Margaret Agnes Somerville) died - Actress, noted for her roles as the tragic heroine
1883 Neilson's Monument (Dumfries and Galloway) Erected
1883 Oban War & Peace Museum (Argyll and Bute) Built
1883 Old St Paul's Church (City of Edinburgh) Built
1883 Peter Spence died - Industrial chemist
1883 Reginald Francis Joseph Fairlie born - Architect
1883 Sir (Edward Montague) Compton Mackenzie born - Author
1883 Sir James Lithgow (1st Baronet Ormsary) born - Shipbuilding magnate and philanthropist
1883 The Royal Lyceum Theatre (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1883 Thomas Coats died - Industrialist
1883 William Chambers died - Publisher and Lord Provost of Edinburgh
1884 Achamore House (Argyll and Bute) Built
1884 Alexander Wood died - Physician, who developed the hypodermic syringe
1884 Alexandria Library (West Dunbartonshire) Built
1884 Allan Pinkerton died - Private detective
1884 Anatomical Museum (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1884 Arthur Perigal died - Landscape painter
1884 Blackford Hill (City of Edinburgh) Created
1884 Bute Hall (Glasgow City) Built
1884 Captain Neil Boyd Watson McEacharn born - Garden designer
1884 Cardinal William Theodore Heard born - First post-Reformation Scottish Cardinal
1884 Dunside Upper Reservoir (South Lanarkshire) Opened
1884 East Kirkton Quarry (West Lothian) Closed
1884 Jean Dunlop Cadell born - Actress
1884 John Adam Houston died - Painter
1884 Joseph Dewar Hislop born - Operatic tenor
1884 Kinlochmoidart House (Highland) Built
1884 Lord Emmanuel (Manny) Shinwell born - Socialist politician
1884 Mary Ann Baxter died - Philanthropist
1884 McGavin Park (North Ayrshire) Created
1884 Meat Market Arch (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1884 Mortuary Chapel (Angus) Built
1884 Peter Fraser born - New Zealand politician
1884 Prof. John Hutton Balfour died - Botanist
1884 Royal Scottish Geographical Society (Perth and Kinross) Established
1884 Royal Scottish Geographical Society Founded
1884 Scottish Association for Marine Science, (Argyll and Bute) Established
1884 Selkirk Library (Scottish Borders) Established
1884 Sir Alexander Grant died - Administrator and educationalist
1884 Southern Suburban Railway (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1884 Thomas Dickson died - American industrialist
1884 Walter Francis Montagu Douglas Scott (5th Duke of Buccleuch; 7th Duke of Queensberry) died - Noble and land-owner
1884 Wellington Church (Glasgow City) Built
1884 William Mossman died - Sculptor
1885 Aberdeen Art Gallery (Aberdeen City) Opened
1885 Alexander Mackenzie born - Actor
1885 Alexander Murray died - Geologist
1885 Camps Viaduct (West Lothian) Opened
1885 Charles 'Mac' Macaskie born - Founder of Britain's first nudist camp
1885 Covenanter's Monument (City of Edinburgh) Erected
1885 Crookston Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1885 David Clyde born - Actor
1885 East End Park (Fife) Opened
1885 Falkirk Tryst Golf Course (Falkirk) Opened
1885 Harris Academy (Dundee City) Established
1885 High Street Tunnel (Glasgow City) Opened
1885 James Cox died - Jute baron
1885 John Campbell Shairp died - Poet and literary critic
1885 John Francis Campbell (Iain g le) died - Polymath
1885 Largs Railway Station (North Ayrshire) Opened
1885 Levengrove Park (West Dunbartonshire) Created
1885 North British Distillery (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1885 Paisley Canal Line (Glasgow City) Opened
1885 Paisley Canal Railway Station (Renfrewshire) Opened
1885 Rev. John Marius Wilson died - Author, reference editor and clergyman
1885 Robert Thorburn died - Artist
1885 Rosebery Reservoir (Midlothian) Opened
1885 Sir Patrick Dollan born - Activist and reformer, identified as one of the 'Red Clydesiders', who went on to become one of Glasgow's most influential Lord Provosts
1885 St Leonards-in-the-Fields & Trinity Church (Perth and Kinross) Built
1885 Tennent Caledonian Brewery (Glasgow City) Opened
1885 The Mercat Cross (City of Edinburgh) Erected
1885 Thomas Davidson died - Palaeontologist
1885 Will Fyffe born - Comedian and singer
1885 William Laughton Lorimer born - Classical scholar
1886 Ailsa Craig Lighthouse (South Ayrshire) Built
1886 Alexander D. Robertson died - Artist and art teacher
1886 Anchor Mills (Renfrewshire) Built
1886 Ayr Railway Station (South Ayrshire) Opened
1886 Barwhillanty (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1886 Bedford Bridge (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1886 Brevik House (Shetland) Built
1886 Cathcart Circle Line (Glasgow City) Opened
1886 Cathcart Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1886 Charing Cross Tunnel (Glasgow City) Opened
1886 Crosshill Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1886 David Stevenson died - Engineer son of Robert Stevenson (1772 - 1850), and uncle of author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-94)
1886 Dr. Kurt Hahn born - Educationalist and educational philosopher
1886 Duncan McLaren died - Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Member of Parliament and social reformer
1886 Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemurchus (The Highland Lady) died - Writer and social observer
1886 Ellemford Bridge (Scottish Borders) Opened
1886 Finnieston Tunnel (Glasgow City) Opened
1886 Frank Lloyd born - Film director
1886 Garmouth Viaduct (Moray) Opened
1886 Helen Burness Cruickshank born - Poet and activist
1886 Iona Golf Course (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1886 John Maclaren Barclay died - Minor portrait painter
1886 John Maclauchlan Milne born - Artist
1886 Knightswood Tunnel (Glasgow City) Opened
1886 Lorna Moon (Helen Low) born - Authoress and Holywood screen-writer
1886 Moray Crematorium (Moray) Built
1886 Mount Florida Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1886 Newton-on-Ayr Railway Station (South Ayrshire) Opened
1886 Old Blacksmith's Shop Visitor Centre (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1886 Osbert Guy Stanhope Crawford born - Aerial archaeologist
1886 Penelope Beaton born - Artist
1886 Pollokshields East Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1886 Queen's Park Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1886 Rosemount Viaduct (Aberdeen City) Opened
1886 Shetland Library (Shetland) Built
1886 Sir Alexander Matheson (Sir Alexander Matheson of Lochalsh) died - Trader
1886 Sir Arthur Whitten Brown born - Aviation pioneer
1886 The Athenaeum (Glasgow City) Built
1886 Tynecastle Stadium (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1886 William Landsborough died - Explorer
1886 The Edinburgh International Exhibition of Industry, Science and Art
1887 Alyth Town Hall (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1887 Balfour Stewart died - Physicist and meteorologist
1887 Colonel Robert Hope Moncrieff Aitken died - Decorated soldier
1887 Dovecot Studios (City of Edinburgh) Built
1887 Dugald MacPhail died - Gaelic songwriter, poet and author
1887 Edwin Muir born - Poet and novelist
1887 Glenfiddich Distillery (Moray) Opened
1887 Irvine Bogside Golf Course (North Ayrshire) Opened
1887 James (Jimmy) Henderson Finlayson born - Actor
1887 James George Weir born - Industrialist and aeronautical pioneer
1887 James Grant died - Novelist and historian
1887 Jaw Reservoir (West Dunbartonshire) Opened
1887 Johanna Maria Lind (Jenny Lind) died - The Swedish nightingale
1887 John Francis Campbell Monument (Argyll and Bute) Erected
1887 John McEwen born - Radical socialist and proponent of land reform
1887 John Menzies Campbell born - Dental historian
1887 Norah Mears (Norah Geddes) born - Landscape architect
1887 Old Parish Church of Peebles (Scottish Borders) Built
1887 Seafield Cemetery and Crematorium (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1887 Sir George Deas (Lord Deas) died - Law Lord
1887 Springburn Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1887 Stanley Cursiter born - Painter
1887 Tay Bridge (Dundee City) Opened
1887 The Scotch Whisky Experience (City of Edinburgh) Built
1887 The Torridon (Highland) Built
1887 Thomas Stevenson died - Engineer to the Board of Northern Lighthouses
1887 Thurso Bridge (Highland) Opened
1887 Trinity Cemetery (Aberdeen City) Opened
1887 Victor Alexander John Hope (8th Earl of Hopetoun; 2nd Marquis of Linlithgow) born - Viceroy of India
1887 Victoria Hall (Stirling) Opened
1887 Warrender Swim Centre (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1887 William Nelson died - Publisher
1887 Udston Pit Disaster
1887 Europe's Oldest Student Newspaper founded
1888 Ballengeich Cemetery (Stirling) Opened
1888 Carntyne Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1888 Castle Douglas Auction Mart (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1888 Celtic Football Club Founded
1888 Celtic Park (Glasgow City) Opened
1888 Covenanters' Memorial (Orkney) Erected
1888 Crossmyloof Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1888 Doulton Fountain (Glasgow City) Erected
1888 Garnock Viaduct (North Ayrshire) Opened
1888 Glasgow City Chambers (Glasgow City) Built
1888 Harbour Arts Centre (North Ayrshire) Built
1888 Harrison Memorial Arch (City of Edinburgh) Erected
1888 James Salmon died - Architect
1888 James Sellars died - Architect
1888 James Thomson died - Minor poet and songwriter
1888 John West died - Entrepreneurial fish-canner
1888 John Logie Baird born - Engineer
1888 Kilbowie House (Argyll and Bute) Built
1888 Little Denny Reservoir (Falkirk) Opened
1888 McKechnie Institute (South Ayrshire) Built
1888 Osborne Henry Mavor (James Bridie) born - Playwright and promoter of the arts
1888 Our Lady Star of the Sea (Western Isles) Built
1888 Our Lady's High School (North Lanarkshire) Established
1888 Sir Henry James Sumner Maine died - Jurist and legal historian
1888 Sir William Pearce died - English-born ship-builder
1888 Somerset Park (South Ayrshire) Opened
1888 Teviot Row House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1888 Walter Elliot (Colonel Walter Elliot) born - Politician, writer and broadcaster
1888 William McDowall died - Influential Dumfriesian
1888 William Wallace Statue (Aberdeen City) Erected
1889 Alexander MacRae born - Sportswear entrepreneur
1889 Arthur MacManus born - Trade unionist and communist leader
1889 David Waldie died - Surgeon and medical scientist
1889 Edward Caird died - Jute Baron
1889 Fort Matilda Railway Station (Inverclyde) Opened
1889 Gourock Railway Station (Inverclyde) Opened
1889 Greenock West Railway Station (Inverclyde) Opened
1889 Hartwood Railway Station (North Lanarkshire) Opened
1889 Hyman Levy born - Mathematician, philosopher and humanist
1889 Inverleith Park (City of Edinburgh) Created
1889 Isobel Wylie Hutchison born - Enthusiastic traveller, author and botanist
1889 James Leslie died - Harbour engineer
1889 John Boyd Watson died - Australian mining tycoon
1889 John Charles Walsham Reith (1st Baron Reith of Stonehaven) born - Engineer and Broadcasting Pioneer
1889 John Mills died - Astronomer and philanthropist
1889 John Rhind died - Architect
1889 King's Cross Hospital (Dundee City) Built / Opened
1889 Newton Street Tunnel (Inverclyde) Opened
1889 Peter Anson born - Although born in Portsmouth, Anson is remembered as a marine artist based in Morayshire
1889 Rev. Horatius (Horace) Bonar died - Hymn-writer
1889 Robert Paterson died - Architect
1889 Robert Stirling Newall died - Engineer, responsible for many of the early undersea telegraph cables
1889 Sir James Falshaw died - Railway engineer and local politician
1889 Sir William Dunbar died - Railway administrator and politician
1889 St Andrews Botanic Garden (Fife) Created
1889 Templeton Business Centre (Glasgow City) Built
1889 Teviot Row House (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1889 The John Hastie Museum (South Lanarkshire) Opened
1889 Victoria Hall (West Lothian) Opened
1889 Walter Montgomerie Neilson died - Industrialist
1889 Wellpark Tunnel (Inverclyde) Opened
1889 William Ramsay McNab died - Botanist and physician
1889 Mauricewood Pit Disaster
c.1890 Couperfield House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1890 Aberdour Railway Station (Fife) Opened
1890 Alexander Murdoch Mackay died - Missionary
1890 Alnwickhill House (City of Edinburgh) Built
1890 Barony Hall (Glasgow City) Built
1890 Caledonian Road Primary School (Perth and Kinross) Established
1890 Coul Reservoir (Fife) Opened
1890 Cowdenbeath Railway Station (Fife) Opened
1890 Dalmeny Railway Station (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1890 Dalry Railway Station (North Ayrshire) Opened
1890 David Milne-Home died - Advocate and scientist
1890 Dinnet House (Aberdeenshire) Built
1890 Drumchapel Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1890 Edinburgh Central Library (City of Edinburgh) Built
1890 Edward Sang died - Mathematician, engineer and actuary
1890 Forth Bridge (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1890 Fossil Grove (Glasgow City) Opened
1890 Glenfarg North Tunnel (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1890 Glenfarg South Tunnel (Perth and Kinross) Built
1890 HM Prison Aberdeen (Aberdeen City) Built
1890 Inverkeithing Tunnel (Fife) Opened
1890 Inverness Victorian Market (Highland) Built
1890 James Croll died - Unsung scientist
1890 James Nasmyth died - Engineer and inventor
1890 James Scott Reid (Lord Reid of Drem) born - Jurist and politician
1890 John (Ian) Bartholomew born - Cartographer
1890 John Mossman died - Sculptor
1890 Jordanhill Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1890 Manderston (Scottish Borders) Built
1890 Maxwell Park (Glasgow City) Created
1890 North Queensferry Railway Station (Fife) Opened
1890 North Queensferry Tunnel (Fife) Opened
1890 Ochilview Park (Falkirk) Opened
1890 Patrick Allan-Fraser died - Patron of the arts
1890 Peter Henderson died - Seed merchant and author
1890 Pitsligo Parish Church (Aberdeenshire) Built
1890 Pollokshields Burgh Hall (Glasgow City) Opened
1890 Prof. James Lorimer died - Lawyer and political philosopher
1890 Robert Mylne died - Architect and surveyor
1890 Scottish National Portrait Gallery (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1890 Seacliff Harbour (East Lothian) Built
1890 Sir Archibald Sinclair of Ulbster (1st Viscount Thurso) born - Politician and landowner
1890 Sir George Burns died - Shipping magnate
1890 Sir James Gowans died - Architect
1890 Sir Peter Coats (Sir Peter Coats of Auchendrane) died - Industrialist
1890 Stornoway Golf Course (Western Isles) Opened
1890 Susan McCallum Monument (Highland) Erected
1890 Tommy Lorne (Hugh Gallagher Corcoran) born - Music hall comedian
1890 Wilhelmina (Willa) Muir (Willa Anderson) born - Author and translator
1890 William Edward Baxter died - Businessman and politician
1890 Wilton Lodge Park (Scottish Borders) Created
1891 Abram Lyle died - Sugar refiner
1891 Baird Institute Museum (East Ayrshire) Opened
1891 Crofthead Mill (East Renfrewshire) Built
1891 D. Alan Stevenson born - Lighthouse engineer
1891 Dalmarnock Bridge (Glasgow City) Opened
1891 Daniel Cottier died - Influential designer
1891 Dr. Thomas (Tom) J. Honeyman born - Director of the Glasgow Art Gallery
1891 Hawkhead Cemetery (Renfrewshire) Opened
1891 Jack Buchanan born - Actor and Producer
1891 James Beattie Michie born - Architect and artist
1891 John Bullough died - Industrialist
1891 John Inglis (Lord Glencorse) died - Judge
1891 Lady Grisell Baillie died - First Deaconess of the Church of Scotland
1891 Lochee Park (Dundee City) Created
1891 Machrie Golf Course (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1891 Neil Gunn born - Novelist
1891 Prof. Flora Murray Scott born - Plant physiologist
1891 Prof. Margaret Fairlie born - Medical scientist and Scotland's first female professor
1891 Robert Dick died - Industrialist
1891 Saltcoats Railway Station (North Ayrshire) Opened
1891 Scotstounhill Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1891 Shieldmuir Railway Station (North Lanarkshire) Opened
1891 Sir Andrew Crombie Ramsay died - Geologist
1891 Sir John Alexander MacDonald died - First Prime Minister of Canada
1891 Sir John Steell died - Sculptor
1891 Sir William Fettes Douglas died - Artist
1891 The Stewartry Museum (Dumfries and Galloway) Opened
1891 Tulloch Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1891 William Gemmell died - Sculptor
1892 Aberdeen Central Library (Aberdeen City) Established
1892 Alexander Mackenzie died - Canadian Prime Minister
1892 Andrew (Andy) Clyde born - Actor
1892 Askernish Golf Course (Western Isles) Opened
1892 Beveridge Park (Fife) Created
1892 Bilston Glen Viaduct (Midlothian) Opened
1892 Cambuslang Bridge (South Lanarkshire) Opened
1892 Carlhurlie Reservoir (Fife) Opened
1892 Carrbridge Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1892 Digestive Biscuit Invented
1892 Dr. Thomas Neill Cream died - The Waterloo Poisoner
1892 Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (Dundee City) Established
1892 Fair Isle North Lighthouse (Shetland) Built
1892 Fair Isle South Lighthouse (Shetland) Built
1892 Fonab Castle (Perth and Kinross) Built
1892 General Stanislaw Maczek born - Exiled army commander
1892 Glasgow Gailes Golf Course (North Ayrshire) Opened
1892 Holyrood Business Park (City of Edinburgh) Built
1892 Hugh MacDiarmid (Christopher Murray Grieve) born - Poet, nationalist and socialist
1892 James Augustus Grant died - Explorer and soldier
1892 James Brunlees died - Civil engineer
1892 John Burdon Sanderson Haldane (J.B.S. Haldane) born - Biologist and geneticist
1892 John Cairns died - Clergyman and philosopher
1892 John MacQueen Cowan born - Botanist and plant-hunter
1892 John Muir Wood died - Musicologist and amateur photographer
1892 John Rhind died - Sculptor
1892 Kylerhea Lighthouse (Highland) Built
1892 Margaret Myles born - Midwife and educator, who was revered in Scotland and respected internationally
1892 Phineas Ryrie died - Tea merchant and Hong Kong politician
1892 Prof. Sir Daniel Wilson died - Archaeologist, antiquarian and academic
1892 Ramsay Garden (City of Edinburgh) Constructed
1892 Rev. Andrew Alexander Bonar died - Clergyman and author
1892 Royal Observatory of Edinburgh (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1892 Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt born - Physicist
1892 St Mark's Church (Aberdeen City) Built
1892 Thomas Nelson died - Publisher
1892 Troon Railway Station (South Ayrshire) Opened
1892 West Lothian Golf Course (Falkirk) Opened
1892 Whiteash Cairn (Moray) Erected
1893 Anna (Nan) Shepherd born - Author
1893 Arbuthnot Museum (Aberdeenshire) Built
1893 Baberton Golf Club (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1893 Carnegie Library (South Ayrshire) Built
1893 Charles Jenner died - Co-founder of Jenner's department store in Edinburgh
1893 Donald Duff born - Surgeon and mountain rescue pioneer
1893 Dr. James Phemister born - Geologist
1893 Dr. John Rae died - Arctic Explorer
1893 Easter Road Park (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1893 Emancipation Monument (City of Edinburgh) Erected
1893 Euan Cox born - Plant-hunter
1893 Falls of Cruachan Railway Station (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1893 George Washington Wilson died - Pioneering photographer, noted for his early studies of the Royal family
1893 Helliar Holm Lighthouse (Orkney) Built
1893 James Harrison died - Refrigeration pioneer, journalist and Australian politician
1893 John Bartholomew died - Cartographer
1893 John Pettie died - Painter
1893 McLennan Arch (Glasgow City) Erected
1893 Powderhall Waste Transfer Station (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1893 Sheriff Alexander Nicholson died - Mountaineer and legal officer
1893 Sir Alexander Knox Helm born - Diplomat
1893 Sir James Anderson died - Captain of the Great Eastern
1893 Sir John Helias Finnie McEwen born - Politician, land-owner and minor poet
1893 The Tenement House (Glasgow City) Built
1893 William Shepherd Morrison (Viscount Dunrossil of Valaquie) born - Politician
1894 Andrew Heiton died - Architect
1894 Ardlui Railway Station (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1894 Arrochar & Tarbet Railway Station (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1894 Bannockburn Hospital (Stirling) Built / Opened
1894 Bridge of Orchy Railway Station (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1894 Captain Archibald Henry Maule Ramsay born - Fascist, imprisoned for treason during the Second World War
1894 Charles George Hood Kinnear died - Architect and inventor
1894 Corrour Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1894 Crianlarich Railway Station (Stirling) Opened
1894 Dalmarnock Sewage Works (Glasgow City) Opened
1894 Deaconess (City of Edinburgh) Built / Opened
1894 Dora Mina Erskine-Wemyss (Lady Grosvenor) died - Creator of the Wemyss School of Needlework
1894 Exhibition Centre Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1894 Garelochhead Railway Station (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1894 Glenbruar Viaduct (Stirling) Opened
1894 Greenfield House (Clackmannanshire) Built
1894 Hawkhead Railway Station (Renfrewshire) Opened
1894 Helensburgh Upper Railway Station (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1894 Hyndland Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1894 James McCosh died - Philosopher
1894 John Colville (Baron Clydesmuir of Braidwood) born - Industrialist and politician
1894 Joseph (Joe) Corrie born - Poet and playwright
1894 Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court (Fife) Built
1894 Langside Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1894 Lieut-Colonel Gwido Langer born - Cryptographer
1894 Linlithgow Academy (West Lothian) Established
1894 Pape's Cottages (City of Edinburgh) Built
1894 Pollokshaws East Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1894 Prof. Alexander Thom born - Engineer, noted for his archaeoastronomical research on stone circles
1894 Prof. John Veitch died - Philosopher, poet and historian
1894 Rannoch Railway Station (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1894 Rannoch Viaduct (Perth and Kinross) Opened
1894 Robert Davidson died - Industrialist and engineer, who built the first electric locomotive
1894 Robert Louis Stevenson (Robert Lewis Balfour Stevenson) died - Author and literary critic
1894 Roy Bridge Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1894 Shawlands Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1894 Sir Harold Macmillan (1st Earl of Stockton) born - British Prime Minister
1894 Sir Ivison Macadam born - Statesman
1894 Spean Bridge Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1894 Upper Tyndrum Railway Station (Stirling) Opened
1894 Victoria Drummond born - First British female ship's engineer
1894 William McCance born - Painter
1894 William Robertson-Smith died - Scholar of Oriental and Biblical Studies
c.1895 Loch Ossian Youth Hostel (Highland) Built
1895 Agnes Miller Parker born - Book illustrator and engraver
1895 Alexander Cattanach born - Architect, noted particularly for his cinemas
1895 Anne Redpath born - Painter
1895 Bridgeton Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1895 Charles Mitchell died - Shipbuilder
1895 David Lyall died - Explorer and naturalist
1895 Glasgow Crematorium (Glasgow City) Built
1895 James Cowan died - Politician
1895 Jenners Department Store (City of Edinburgh) Built
1895 John B. Howard died - Theatre impresario and actor
1895 Joseph Thomson died - African explorer
1895 Lynedoch Monument (Perth and Kinross) Erected
1895 Mar Lodge (Aberdeenshire) Built
1895 North Rotunda (Glasgow City) Built
1895 Prof. John Stuart Blackie died - Classical scholar
1895 Rattray Head Lighthouse (Aberdeenshire) Built
1895 Rev. James Gall died - Cartographer and clergyman
1895 Robert Anstruther Goodsir died - Explorer and surgeon
1895 Robert Binning died - Industrialist and merchant
1895 Robert Duncan Low (R. D. Low) born - Comic writer and editor
1895 Sir Ralph Alexander Cochrane born - Air Chief Marshall of the Royal Air Force
1895 South Rotunda (Glasgow City) Built
1895 St Cuthbert's Church (City of Edinburgh) Built
1895 The Lighthouse (Glasgow City) Built
1895 Thomas (Tommy) Armour born - Golfer
1895 Thomas Godfrey Polson Corbett (2nd Lord Rowallan) born - Statesman
1895 Waller Hugh Paton died - Painter
1896 Anderston Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1896 Archibald Joseph Cronin (A.J. Cronin) born - Author
1896 Buchanan Street Underground Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1896 Craigmaddie Reservoir (East Dunbartonshire) Opened
1896 Dalmarnock Railway Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1896 Dalmarnock Road Tunnel (Glasgow City) Opened
1896 Dumbarton East Railway Station (West Dunbartonshire) Opened
1896 Foyers Hydro-Electric Power Scheme (Highland) Opened
1896 Glasgow Subway (Glasgow City) Opened
1896 Joe Graham's Monument (Dumfries and Galloway) Erected
1896 Lochgoin Monument (East Ayrshire) Erected
1896 Morton Hall (East Ayrshire) Built
1896 Rutherglen Bridge (Glasgow City) Opened
1896 Shiskine Golf Course (North Ayrshire) Opened
1896 Sir John Everett Millais died - Prodigious artist
1896 Sir John Pender died - Entrepreneur and politician
1896 St Andrew's West Church (Falkirk) Built
1896 St Enoch Underground Station (Glasgow City) Opened
1896 Stroma Lighthouse (Highland) Built
1896 The Old School (Dumfries and Galloway) Established
1896 Thomas Hope Hospital (Dumfries and Galloway) Built / Opened
1896 Thomas Meik died - Civil Engineer
1896 Thomas Usher died - Brewer
1896 Touch Reservoirs (Stirling) Opened
1896 Waterloo Bridge (Highland) Opened
1897 Andrew James (Jimmie) Guthrie born - Motorcycle racer
1897 Aultnaslanach Viaduct (Highland) Opened
1897 Barry Buddon Training Centre (Angus) Opened
1897 Clydebank Railway Station (West Dunbartonshire) Opened
1897 Crichton Memorial Church (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1897 Dalmarnock Railway Bridge (Glasgow City) Opened
1897 David Kirkaldy died - Experimental engineer
1897 Douglas Park Course (East Dunbartonshire) Opened
1897 Duirinish Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1897 Dumfries Academy (Dumfries and Galloway) Built
1897 Duncraig Railway Station (Highland) Built
1897 Edward La Trobe Bateman died - Artist and landscape architect
1897 Euphemia (Effie) Gray (Mrs Ruskin, Lady Millais) died - Artistic model at the centre of a Victorian love triangle
1897 Findhorn Viaduct (Highland) Opened
1897 Gilbertson Park (Shetland) Created
1897 Greenside Reservoir (West Dunbartonshire) Opened
1897 Helen Duncan ('Hellish Nell') born - Spiritualist, medium and the last person to be imprisoned for witchcraft in Britain
1897 Henry Calderwood died - Philosopher and clergyman
1897 Hope Montagu Douglas Scott born - Patron of the Arts
1897 James Gray Stuart (Viscount Stuart of Findhorn) born - Politician
1897 Jane Haining born - Missionary and martyr
1897 John Paton Laurie born - Actor
1897 Kinnaird House (Falkirk) Built
1897 Kyle of Lochalsh Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1897 Lossburn Reservoir (Stirling) Opened
1897 Margaret Oliphant (Margaret Wilson) died - Prodigious author
1897 Martyr's School (Glasgow City) Opened
1897 McEwan Hall (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1897 Naomi Mitchison born - Novelist and poet
1897 Plockton Railway Station (Highland) Opened
1897 Prof. Henry Drummond died - Clergyman, academic and author
1897 Prof. Matthew Charteris died - Academic
1897 Prof. Matthew Forster Heddle died - Mineralogist and chemist
1897 Sir Isaac Holden died - Inventor
1897 Sir Isaac Wolfson born - Successful retailer, businessman and patriarch of a family of notable philanthropists
1897 Tollcross Park (Glasgow City) Created
1897 Tomatin Distillery (Highland) Opened
1897 Victoria Hospital (Fife) Built
1897 Western Gailes Golf Course (North Ayrshire) Opened
1897 William Johnstone born - Painter
1898 (William) Hamilton Beattie died - Architect
1898 Andrew Usher died - Whisky blender and distiller
1898 Aviemore Railway Station (Highland) Built
1898 Clava Viaduct (Highland) Opened
1898 Comely Bank Cemetery (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1898 Cruickshank Botanic Gardens (Aberdeen City) Created
1898 Dalwhinnie Distillery (Highland) Opened
1898 Evan MacColl died - Poet and song-writer
1898 Forfar Museum and Art Gallery (Angus) Opened
1898 Francis Napier (10th Lord Napier; 1st Baron Ettrick) died - Diplomat and colonial administrator
1898 Frederick Thomas Pilkington died - Architect
1898 George Clark died - Shoe maker
1898 Glengavel Reservoir (South Lanarkshire) Opened
1898 Granton Gas Works (City of Edinburgh) Opened
1898 James Guthrie Orchar died - Engineer, industrialist and philanthropist
1898 James Matthews died - Architect
1898 John Caird died - Theologian and philosopher
1898 John Grierson born - Director and film-maker who introduced the term 'documentary'
1898 John Ritchie Findlay died - Newspaper owner, social reformer and philanthropist
1898 Kype Reservoir (South Lanarkshire) Opened
1898 Madelvic House and Works (City of Edinburgh) Built
1898 Major George Sherriff born - Plant hunter and botanist
1898 Murdoch (Murdo) Paterson died - Civil engineer
1898 Robert Gordon McBeath born - Soldier who won the Victoria Cross
1898 Sir John Fowler died - English Architect and engineer
1898 Sir William George Gillies (W. G. Gillies) born - Artist
1898 The People's Palace (Glasgow City) Opened
1898 William David Murray (4th Earl of Mansfield) died - Politician
1898 William Ewart Gladstone died - British Prime Minister
1898 William Soutar born - Poet and diarist
1899 Alexander Fraser died - Landscape painter
1899 Alexander McDougall died - Inventor of self-raising flour
1899 Campbeltown Museum (Argyll and Bute) Opened
1899 Castle Douglas Hospital (Dumfries and Galloway) Built / Opened
1899 City Union Railway Bridge (Glasgow City) Opened
1899 Dens Park (Dundee City) Opened
1899 Dorothy Donaldson Buchanan (Dorothy Fleming) born - First female to qualify as an engineer in Britain
1899 Eliza Wigham died - Campaigner
1899 Eric Robert Linklater born - Author
1899 Flannan Isles Lighthouse (Western Isles) Built
1899 Glasgow Bridge (Glasgow City) Opened
1899 Helensburgh Central Railway Station (Argyll and Bute) Built
1899 James Service died - Australian politician and businessman
1899 Percy Sinclair Pilcher died - Engineer and pioneer of unpowered flight
1899 Richmond Park (Glasgow City) Created
1899 Rugby Park (East Ayrshire) Opened
1899 Scotsman Steps (City of Edinburgh) Built
1899 Sir David Patrick Chalmers died - Colonial judge
1899 Sir John Struthers died - Anatomist and advocate for improved medical education
1899 Talla Reservoir (Scottish Borders) Opened
1899 The Adam Smith Theatre (Fife) Built
1899 The Mile End Mill (Renfrewshire) Opened
1899 The Victorian Toilet (Argyll and Bute) Built
1899 Thomas Moonlight died - Soldier, politician and diplomat
1899 William Kinninmond Burton died - Engineer and amateur photographer
1899 William Robertson died - Engineer, industrialist and local politician
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